Shadow Play

We’ve been enjoying Indian summer in our part of the world. Those lovely days when the leaves have begun to change, fog envelopes the valley, the sun bursts forth in the afternoon, followed by cool evenings. It’s a lovely time of year.

The MR invited friends over from work last night, so this week I’ve been busy planning dinner for 12 with food that appeals from ages 1-60. It’s so nice to have a lazy Saturday with nothing on the schedule and time to sleep in and recoup.

This week amidst my scurrying, I was entrance by the play of light on the deck. Shadows can be so captivating.

I love how the drops of rain and dew on the glass table turn into shadow bubbles and clouds.

Shadows 2

As I turned to go in, I noticed the arc of the tomato vines.

Fragile arc of the tomato

I love how the central table support mimics the curve of the tomato vines. Sometimes you just can’t improve upon nature.

The MR just reminded me that the 20 pounds of peaches I bought from a roadside truck are attracting fruit flies in the pantry. So much for my lazy Saturday.

What are your weekend plans? Do you stop at those stands on the side of the road? (There’s a farm stand at the bottom of my hill that’s been my supplier all summer.)


7 thoughts on “Shadow Play

  1. We are helping our son move to his new place. He has a year lease this time, so it should be a while before we are moving him again. Tomorrow DH will be watching the Seahawks and I am going to a baby shower. Good luck with those peaches.

  2. We live about 2 blocks from one of the largest farmers markets in the area. It is nice to a short walk away – although if it gets too late in the morning, in the middle of summer, I will drive it if I think I am buying a lot. Or when they have plants for sale. Last night was my weekly after work stop off at Jose Peppers with friends for a few hours of decompressing. I was home for about 15, when another friend picked me up to go to a Pampered Chef Party. I try to avoid home selling parties, but am a sucker for kitchen tools. And it was a friends. Tonight we are going to a dinner theater-at a bargain price. Thursday there was a Groupon for our local theater. Quick as a wink, ok maybe a bit longer, and we had 4 sets of tickets. So three of my best girlfriends and our husbands are going out. Cats is the show, and the menu choices sound yummy.

  3. Lovely pictures of you “stopping to smell the roses” so to speak. We are working/playing at SDC and loving every moment. Life is so good. Going out with a real estate person on Mon. to see what the area has to offer.

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