Garden Update 9.16.13–Wonderful Gifts & Surprises

As the summer winds down, harvest is upon us and brilliant blooms litter the landscape.

Sometimes success is all in your expectations. When me and the MR bought a few grape vines last spring, we didn’t figure we’d get any this year. So a few clusters feel like a wonderful gift.

Grape Cluster

I have no idea when the proper time to pick grapes is, but these are no longer hanging on the vine. I was afraid the dark purple grapes would turn rotten in the rain, or birds would get our harvest. The MR and Baby Girl think I should have left them a bit longer; I imagine they were right.I’m just excited to have a small measure of success this year.

I also dug up the potatoes out of one of the large red bags. I was hoping for pounds of purple potatoes. I was sadly mistaken. My purple harvest was quite meager.

Purple Harvest

While I was out checking on the garden, I did find a watermelon hidden in the leaves.

Hidden Watermelon

I don’t know how I managed not to step on it last week when I was picking the cucumbers. Looking back at the pictures (check it out here), it’s not even visible. And from the opposite direction, even now, it’s quite well hidden.

No wonder

Maybe we’ll be having watermelon this week. I think we’ll have to at least try the cantaloupe sometime soon. I’ve counted nine of them, so if I pick one too early, I have more to replace it.

My pumpkins are practically doubling overnight.


And check it out; the pumpkin is even starting to get warts…just like the seed packet promised. I guess a little rain is doing the trick. Even though we have sprinklers, the pumpkins and melons may have been needing more water.

All the rain we’ve been getting hasn’t done the zucchini any favors. Powdery mildew is starting to set in along with some weird leaf curl. The plant is winning the battle so far, but it won’t be long before I’ll have to pull it out.

Powdery Mildew

The MR has been preparing us for fall this weekend. He put away our outdoor table and chair set, and the canoe my dad built has now found a home under the house. While the bougainvillea is still out on the deck, it’ll be inside before we know it.


I’m really enjoying the intense blooms that great you as you round the corner of the driveway.

So vibrant

I added a few more celosia (they were on sale at QFC), and bit by bit it’s all coming together. The MR has reseeded and this time around the grass is coming up.

One problem I didn’t foresee was with the dahlias. They’re way too spindly to deal with the puppy. Cocoa likes to run through brush; she’s constantly getting stuck in the brambles. So a few flowers aren’t going to stop her from getting were she wants to go. The dahlias have seen a lot of wear and tear. At least I had a lot of pretty blooms to decorate the table for our dinner party.

Dahlia Cocoa Collage

Here’s another look at the flowerbed that got all of our new plants this year. Me and the MR want to make a beautiful spot full interesting things.

Front garden

Bit by bit it’s coming together.

Find anything wonderful in your garden? How are you preparing for fall?


3 thoughts on “Garden Update 9.16.13–Wonderful Gifts & Surprises

  1. Well yes, it was a meager harvest this year, but it was you first ‘in-ground’ garden, and it did produce, in some very crazy weather. With all the knowledge you gleaned, next year will be even better.Hey, really like the new heater by the kitchen door.

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