Heating Things Up

I hate to see summer go. We love our evenings on the deck. Me and the MR sit in our comfy chairs, play with the dogs, watch the sun go down, and talk about our days. With the rain and cooler weather that comes with fall, those quiet evenings disappear.

Well, the MR wasn’t going to let a little chill put an end to our together time, so he took matters into his own hands and bought a heater for the deck.

When planning this out, we considered that the house is perched on a hillside and totally exposed to the elements. We’ve had issues with the barbecue heading for the stairs in a stiff wind. Thankfully, we were able to catch it before it made its escape. So while our favorite spot to sit and chat is to the left of the doors, we decided to shift to the more¬†protected corner on the right that still has the best view, and “easy” access to electricity.

Seating Area

The MR bought a UFO Indoor/Outdoor Heater with remote. This model operates off of standard 120V, it can be mounted on the wall, it heats up in seconds, the grating and casing stay cool to the touch, and it has a bunch of positive reviews. Our package arrived a couple weeks ago, and with a trip to the hardware store for a junction box (to make it all up to code) the MR was ready to tackle installing his new toy last weekend. He figured it’d take just a few hours.

First, out came the stud finder to make sure he’d be able to run wire from the light switches on one side to the bracket on the outside.

light & heater Collage

This is the part were lots of tapping, beeping, and grumbling ensued. Plumbing and electrical work always end up in frustration at our house. After cutting a whole in the outside of our house, somehow or another, the wire didn’t want to go from one side to the next. I am not electrically inclined, nor have I ever claimed to be, but this is the part were my help becomes integral. You see I can stick my hand inside the wall up to my forearm. I assure you this is a talent I have perfected over the years. After quite some time, the MR switched to the hole behind the thermostat, and I reached right in the wall and grabbed the wire.


This is success. Now the MR was an electrical engineer, and for the last 20 years, he’s been moving light switches, outlets, and cable connections at will. He is totally comfortable and confident with small electrical jobs. On the other hand if you’re like me and replacing a plug is the extent of your electrical experience, I’d encourage you to hire an electrician. It pays to be careful.

After fishing the wire through the wall, the rest was smooth sailing. And the last few evenings the MR and I have been enjoying a little added warmth out on the deck.


Perhaps I’ll end up using it in the mornings, too. It’s always fun to watch the fog enshrouded valley come to life.

View 3

I’m a lucky girl.

A) My guy likes to chat with me at the end of the day.
B) He cares enough to want to keep me warm.
C) He’s a can-do kind of guy.

When I mentioned some of the MR’s remodeling plans to a friend this weekend, she expressed surprise that he was able to do all these things. Yep, I’m a lucky girl.

What kind of changes are you making for fall? Adding any warmth?


2 thoughts on “Heating Things Up

  1. Oooh, we really like the futuristic look of the new heater. Yes, you are a lucky, but he is also a lucky boy. Papa and I feel fortunate to have been in a few of the ‘deck sessions’. These ‘regular sessions are monumental in their importance to keep ‘connected’ with marriage and parenting skills. 50 years of marriage taught us that. So happy, because our kids took notice, and all have a happy family life.

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