Free At Last

When we moved in to this place, the former owners had left a lot of stuff behind. Some things I learned to live with, but others just had to go.

We were able to give two oversized chairs and three beds to friends early on. And if you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you’ll remember when I forced my sweet children to take cacti to school for the FFA plant sale (check it out here). They really loved me for that one. After one cactus left goo all over the roof of Sweet Miss’ car, and she complained about spines in her hand for the rest of the day, I gave in and decided to bring the last few to school on my own.

Attack of the killer cacti.

Attack of the killer cacti.

Maybe it was a bad idea to drive down a steep hill with a pair of cacti unsecured in the back of my car. I was happily clearing them out right and left, until I came to the big daddy of them all–this giant specimen.

In the Foliage

There was no way, no how I could get it to fit in the car, and so it remained a part of the scenery. Something we just tolerated.

Visitors would ask if it was real. It was too ugly not to be. My mother-in-law suggested just moving it outside to die. While that’s an option, I just didn’t have the heart to kill it outright. Flash forward another year-and-a half, and the silly plant was taking over. The long branches made it almost impossible to round the corner without getting poked. Well, we have the half walls separating the entry from the great room, so I just pivoted the thing 45-degrees. It was great, but suddenly picking up something from the printer became quite hazardous. Those leaves are sharp.

You could say we’d reached an uneasy truce, but our giant plant was not making it simple. Then last Saturday, we saw a joyous change. One of the branches had broken in half.

Broken branch

Now I thought about just removing the offending branch, but then I’d still have had to face the perils of getting poked at the printer.


And then let’s take a look at the backside. This plant looked just odd.

Just so odd

The MR asked if I wanted to try to save any of it, but I’m proud to say I declined. Now, we are free at last from this crazy plant. I think it’s time to hang up a few prints to go with our numbers sign (learn all about it here).


I do have another potted plant that’s been relegated to the sewing room. Maybe it’s time to move it indoors, or the plumeria has plenty of room to hang out in this corner over the winter. I love how open it feels from the other side.

So Open

It might be time for some decoration in the office area. We have so many options now that we’ve gotten rid of something huge and ugly. Maybe I should have listened to MeeMee ages ago.

I’m up before the sun these days, packing Baby Girl’s lunch and making sure she get’s off to school on time. While I don’t enjoy the 6 am alarm, I do love the beauty of the sunrise. This is Mt. Rainier this morning painted pink by the sun.

Mt Rainier

Hope you’re getting rid of the ugly and enjoying the beauty in your life.


2 thoughts on “Free At Last

  1. I applaud that you kept the plant until it told you it too was weary of being alive.
    Since your home is so open, and sunny and warm, I am visualizing brand new (healthy) plants from Molbak’s deserving the honor of ‘hanging out’ in that corner.recently vacated. Something lush and bushy and dripping (not literally) with leaves, since it is not directly in the sun all day. All kinds of ferns (or something like that) would love it there. While it is good to have a ‘plant hospital’ and it does show that you are truly a caring person, a totally fabulous, ridiculously stunning plant in a corner that needs ‘WOW’ would be so,so fun, and would make you smile with pride every morning when you passed by to the couch for your daily devotions.
    While passing on is sad for those of us who are left behind, memories of those whose time is gone are beautifully established in our hearts forever.
    Happy birthday birthday, you deserve a huge and very bushy, but easy to care for plant!!!!! I would imagine someone from Molbak’s would love to come tell you “just what you need” Ha!!!!! go for it!

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