Bound for Oregon State

It’s been a crazy kind of weekend. I totally planned to write about the garden. It’s Monday, after all.

I took a bunch of pictures, worked on a bunch of projects, and then got side-tracked.

You see after three-and-a-half months at home, Sweet Miss is headed off to school. The MR stayed home to say his goodbyes this morning and put a kabosh on the whole writing a blog before hitting the trail to Oregon. The fellow who gets paid gets priority when it comes to the computer. And how could I get upset about a guy wanting to say goodbye to his girl.

So this morning, I joined a caravan down to Oregon State University to get Sweet Miss and her fellow moved in to the dorms.


This afternoon, we shopped and checked out the quaint downtown. Tomorrow, we’ll be moving boxes and saying our goodbyes. While it’s sad to let her go, I’m excited for her new adventure.

And Wednesday, I’ll be back home and can tell you all about digging holes, underripe cantaloupe, dogs in lobster suits, puppy birthday parties and all the weirdness that makes up our lives.

I’m thankful we still have Baby Girl at home. In just a few years, we’ll be sending them both off to school, and I’ll be needing a lot of hugs.


Hope you had a fun-filled weekend. Saying any goodbyes? Making any big changes at home?


2 thoughts on “Bound for Oregon State

  1. We too are happy that a new school year is starting for our granddaughters, but sad that you have a 1/2 empty nest again. However you did say that she might be home more frequently than last year since “her fellow” is at the same school as she.

    No big changes at home, except we heard that a large tree limb fell over the fence at home during a fierce wind storm. We have friends taking care of the inside and outside of our home in our absence so all is well.We have made a decision not to look at moving where we are staying now, and just concentrate on the original plan. Happy about that.

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