Rainy days, a pig roast, Cocoa’s birthday, Sweet Miss’ last weekend at home, shopping to get ready for her big move, a fancy dinner with friends, preparing for fall, volleyball matches, and 11 hours in my car may explain why my week’s a bit off.

Now I’m going to take a deep breath and try to catch you up on some of the happenings around here. Fall has arrived and brought with it the rain. The MR spent several hours on Saturday moving gravel. The recent downpours have created major ruts in the driveway.

When we moved in, the drive sported some large what we coined “speed bumps”. The MR leveled them out, and we enjoyed the smoother ride. But we’ve since decided they were designed to divert the run-off. The MR created several of these “speed bumps” angled towards a channel he dug to the outside of the driveway. Let’s hope it’ll keep the ruts at bay.

The garden has sprawled all over the far corner of the tennis court. It’s not often you see this.

Taking the Court

Of course while I was out there, I had to see what was ready in the garden. We get a couple cucumbers, some zucchini, and a handful of beans every few days. The dogs don’t quite understand what I’m doing.

Bogart and his ball

I usually oblige them with a quick game of fetch; I like their company.


I did pick one of the cantaloupes last week. It weighed in at over three pounds, and I wanted sweet juicy melon with dinner. Unfortunately, it was far from ripe.


I guess I’ll wait a bit on the rest and cross my fingers in hopes of a little more sunshine. Does anyone have ideas on what to do with underripe cantaloupe? I have over 20 pounds of it out in the garden still.

In getting ready for the cold weather, the MR brought in the cushions, and the kids and I moved the little bench back to the portico. The decorative tree I picked up last month posed a bit of a problem. It’s only hardy to between 20 and 30-degrees F, but I was getting tired of seeing it sitting in the yard in its undersized pot. My sweet friend Lori suggested double potting the tree, so I could slip it in and out of the ground easily once the weather turns. So last Friday, I got busy with a shovel and dug a big hole for the first pot, repotted the tree into a second put, and quick as can be I slipped one into the other. While I was at it, I planted the extra celosia plants I’d picked up at the grocery store that kept blowing over in the wind.

dug in pot 2

In another month we’ll be expecting the first frost, and it’ll be time to bring the tree inside. I’m hoping the bigger pot and the extra room it affords plus a good dose of fall rain will help the tree to perk up. Speaking of moving inside, plants aren’t the only things headed in. The MR got out the big ladder on Sunday to get rid of some ambitious wasps that were building a new winter home in one of the top windows.


Yes that is a long ways up. I’m just glad I didn’t have to climb it.

Sunday also marked Cocoa’s birthday. She’s now a grown-up one-year-old dog. That doesn’t stop her from carrying my shoes off to the flowerbeds or chewing up Baby Girl’s boots–don’t empty your sports bag at the bottom of the stairs. I guess year two will be dedicated to teaching her some manners and respect for others’ property.

We celebrated her birthday with presents: fancy dog biscuits, a new rope ball, and a lobster costumes (for Halloween of course). Cocoa and Bogart enjoyed some awful looking wet dog food. After chasing her plate all over the floor, the girls anchored down Cocoa’s so she could enjoy her special treat.

Cocoa and feet

I love their cute little toes.

Sunday was also Sweet Miss’ last day at home. We enjoyed her picks for breakfast and lunch, dinner out at the local Mexican restaurant, and family movie time.

I’m happy to say, she’s settling in at school, and I made it home safe and sound despite that horrible misty rain that swallows cars and highways and drops visibility to nothing.

Wishing Sweet Miss and her fellow all the joys and excitement their sophomore year of college holds.

SM & her Fellow

How was your weekend? What should I put in the hole that the tree will leave when I bring it inside? What do you do with under ripe melon?


5 thoughts on “Hodgepodge

  1. Just keep the cantaloupe on the vine until it ripens… You just have to throw the one away that isn’t ripe. As far as telling when one is ripe, well, practice makes perfect. I am sure you can find some help with that online. I completely forgot since I haven’t grown any for a long time. Great post, by the way, as always.

  2. Keep on vine till it gets too cold, then bring it in to the kitchen and let it sit in the fruit platter for months. Check to see if it is ripe in early Dec., if not, feed it to the worms. Loved the pictures, happy 1/2 nesting.
    We are enjoying 77 degrees and sun here. Eating home grown peaches, tomatoes, squash etc.

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