Tearing It Up

When we talk about tearing things up around here, we’re usually talking about Cocoa. It’s lucky for her that she’s so cute and friendly; it gets her out of a lot of trouble. She’s ripped up pillows, bean bag chairs, endless pairs of shoes, and the list goes on.

Sometimes you have to tear things up before you can put them back together, so the MR has been doing his share of demolishing upstairs in the bathroom.

A couple weeks ago, he tore out the closet that housed the washer and dryer and really opened up the girls’ bathroom.

Bathrrom remodel 003

That was just the beginning. This week we said goodbye to the bath tub and shower. Now you may be asking what was wrong with the shower? It was just a regular shower–a little old, a little dingy.

Shower Collage

It wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but after redoing two showers at our old house, the MR was aching to redo this one. And now, drum roll please, for the big reveal.

The Shell

Sorry for the let down, but these things take time. The MR has bought cement board, a new shower pan, and a new door, but we have yet to purchase any tile. Last night, we discussed just how much to tile. The Mr suggested tiling to just below the window and wrapping around the corner (the one by the towel heater). And I was wondering about running it all the way to the ceiling, but the ceiling is at a slant, and that would be cutting at an angle. Maybe Houzz and Pinterest will have some lovely bathrooms for inspiration.

The MR has installed a shelf to hold soap and shampoo. Of course, there was a stud where he wanted the shelf, so he had to add some extra bracing.

Levelled Shelf

This job is going to take awhile and is not for the faint of heart.

Have you ever redone a shower? Any plumbing nightmares?

(For those of who are wondering, we’re replacing the shower and bath upstairs with just a shower. We will still have two bath tubs downstairs and three showers–not including the shower on the lower deck. We’re not that dirty, but we do have lots of places to get clean.)


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