Touches of Fall

Fall is here, with it’s foggy days and crisp mornings. The stand of trees outside the office windows flashes red and gold in the setting sun.

Fall Color 2

It’s a vibrant time of year filled with sunshine and storms. When it’s rainy and cold outside, it’s so fun to snuggle up under a warm blanket with a good book and some hot tea. I did a little shopping, and a little rearranging in an effort to boost the coziness factor around here. A while back, I bought this soft fur throw at TJ Maxx. Now that summer has fled, it’s time for a little more softness.

Gray Fur Throw 2

The blanket is as soft as it looks, and it totally camouflages the corner of the pillow Cocoa chewed up.

On the other side of the seating area, I added a gray pillow from Ross to the little brown chairs. I was hoping it would find its home on the little green chairs. I’d added a fluffy green pillow to one this summer, and the two feel a little lopsided. While it just looked odd with the green chair, the round pillow filled out the other area nicely.

Added Pillow

I really like my linen-textured green pillow, but it was just too small on its own centered on these chairs.

When I talked about Picking a Palette back in July I was focused on those bright citrus hues. But for fall and winter, it’s a simple thing to swap out the yellow and bright orange for muted grays. So the bright yellow pillow on the other gray loveseat was traded in for a pair of greenish-gray pillows with brown accents.

Greensih Gray Pillows

I guess it’s a good thing we have lots of storage for all our pillows.

While I’d already fallified the mantel, I decided it was time to fancy up the table, too. We’ve always just had one table in our home. At the last house, we turned our formal dining room into the den. The table has been a place to eat, not a place to decorate. But since Sweet Miss left for college, we don’t really eat at the table any more. Everyone’s just so far apart. With the three of us most nights, we’ve gotten into the habit of eating at the bar.  I like sitting close together, shoulder-to-shoulder, and talking about our days.

This week I came across a great tip suggesting that you set up your tablescape on a tray or platter, so it’s easily moved when you want to actually eat. Michael at Inspired By Charm had some great ideas on putting together a centerpiece.

So I started with the tablecloth we bought from an old lady at the base of the acropolis on our 10th anniversary trip to Greece. It always makes me smile. And then I thought about trays. We have the green one from the coffee table, but I like that there. Where would we put the remote and the tissue box? I’ve been really liking the look of bare wood on the table lately. People are drilling holes in 4×4’s and using them as birthday candle holders. They’re transforming planks with chalkboard paint and using them as a table runner. What rustic wood do we have around the house? Then I thought of the blank signs my dad made out of old pallets. Baby Girl had painted saying on most of them (check them out here), but we still have a few hanging out in the garage.

I wasn’t going to set an old grungy sign on my nice tablecloth–the old woman assured me it was handmade. So I grabbed a few placemats, a few candles, a striped vase from Ross, some fake leaves, and a few juicy apples. And here’s what I came up with.

Fall Centerpiece

Note to self, get rid of the stack of papers you’re meaning to read before you take photos of the table.

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I know I’ve done something right when Baby Girl comes home from practice and spontaneously says she likes it–especially if I haven’t shamelessly asked for her opinion/adoration. Here’s a closer look.

Table Close Up

I could go for a fall walk with the dogs and clip some branches for a little more height and color. For now I’m just going to enjoy little bits of fall sprinkled around the house.

Do you change your decorating with the seasons? What’s on your table?


7 thoughts on “Touches of Fall

  1. Wow, the table looks wonderful, new, happy, and very balanced. It reminds me to look for the colors in the changing color of the leaves, and too wanting to be cozy and safe at home. While I do enjoy decorating our home, I tend not to be a ‘changer’. What I do, actually have done, I seem to keep for a long while simply because, “I still like it”. I like the “building” you are doing. Carry on, keep us all posted.

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