Garden Update 10.14.13–The Harvest Continues

I keep thinking that it’s time to put the garden to bed for winter, and then I look outside. We haven’t had that first freeze and many of the vines are still thriving.

I was planning on pulling out the cucumbers, so I could put away the trellis and start working on a hoop house or cloche of some sort for this bed. But the the vines look great, and when I picked a large cucumber, I found two smaller ones just needing a little sunshine to make it to size.


The zucchini plant is also growing and putting on fruit, but the watermelon, now that plant was cooperating. I had my chance to get rid of some frustration and rip and tear and throw. It was that kind of day.

wilted vines in garden

Of course, I made sure to pick three beauties before tearing up those vines. I’m impressed with their size and their lovely yellow speckles. Along with the melons, I picked another handful of beans, a few carrots, a cucumber, and a measly pot full of potatoes. I’m thinking the grow bags may be a bust.

Watermelon Cucumbers Beans and Potatoes

As you can see in the background, after months of waiting, the lettuce is finally starting to grow. I also have a few carrots that are starting to take off.

With 11 days of sunshine in the forecast, I’m going to get some soil samples while the ground isn’t saturated and see what’s wrong with that dirt we bought.

On a totally different note, we had ravioli for dinner last night. Now, in the past, that would have been nothing to write about. Pasta is one of Baby Girl’s favorites, and we’d stop on the way home from church, pick up a package of tortellini or ravioli and whip it up for lunch. That was in the days before she went gluten-free. While the rest of us still eat gluten on the side, it seemed cruel to eat one of her favorite foods in front of her. That means we’ve gone without since the end of May, except for that one time when she was away for the weekend and we treated ourselves.

So I was more than excited when I saw a pasta machine at Ross for $20 and picked it up last week. While it wasn’t as easy as at looks on the box, we did end up with these sweet little treasures filled with a blend of cheese.


I’m totally grateful for the MR’s help. He turned the crank, while I fed the dough through the machine and caught it as it came out. Gluten helps things hold together, so you can imagine this dough was pretty fragile. While it was a lot of work, it was also fun to work as a team and to bring a smile to BG’s face.

BG & R 4

As I’ve said before, I just shouldn’t take photos when it’s dark outside. The flash wouldn’t work, we don’t have a tripod, I couldn’t find my phone, the poor kid just wanted to eat her dinner… That’s how we ended up with this gem.

The end

It’s always a good meal when it’s filled with laughter and food made with love.

Surprised by any garden finds lately? Tried anything new?


3 thoughts on “Garden Update 10.14.13–The Harvest Continues

  1. What a lovely blog. So happy your garden is still giving you ‘harvest’. We have gone into fall, and all the fresh tomatoes are gone, but the peppers are fantastic!

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