Decision Time

It’s exciting times around here. The MR came home with presents yesterday. Now these weren’t your normal, everyday presents, but they did receive plenty of oohs and aahs.

My guy is a busy guy. The shower pan went in over the weekend and the walls went up a short 24-hours later.

Walls Up 2

While this shows major progress, it’s still a totally useless box at the end of the bathroom. So the MR came home with these gorgeous tile samples.

Tile 004

Let’s get a little up close and personal.

Tile 002

I’ve been waiting all day for the sun to break through and the fog to disappear so our tiles could glisten in the light. It’s 2 o’clock, and fog still shrouds the far slope of the valley. This may be the best we’re going to get today, so I’ll do my best to describe them. First for the walls, we have 11.5 x 24-inch tiles in a warm milk chocolate and a beige with a hint of green and lots of movement. Then for the shower floor, we have a dark gray-brown in a 2 x 2-inch tile.

“What’s the plan?” you may ask.

Well, that’s still up for discussion. This afternoon, I’ve been mocking up a few options. We’ve been trying to decide whether to run the tile to the former height or to the ceiling, and if we should wrap the edges with the dark or light color. Here’s a few side by side renderings.

If we go just to the top of the shower, it might look something like this.

Low Collage

But if we run the tile all the way to the ceiling, it could look like this.

High Collage

Then if we went totally crazy and added a lot of the dark “accent” tile, it could look like this.

Dark Back and Wrap Tile

I think the dark tile surrounding the shower breaks up the continuity. I like the flow of wrapping the light color around the edges and running the tile to the ceiling. Of course that means more tile and working around the window. Having a dark wall along the back adds a lot of drama. The plan is to place the spa shower column over the dark accent tile along the left side. What if we used the accent color behind the column and tiled the bathroom floor in that warm chocolate brown? I just don’t know where we’ll end up.

But I do know the MR will do a great job no matter what we decide.

Any tile going down or up at your house? Adding anything new to your bathroom?

(To read more about the MR’s efforts upstairs you can read about him tearing things up here.)


8 thoughts on “Decision Time

  1. Wow it is all so dramatic and fantastically beautiful!!!!!!!!! I know that you have navy blue in your master shower, is it easy to keep the dark blue and shiny? I am wondering if time is short after each shower, will the tile dark tile build up with the “white stuff” we get in our all white/light beige of our shower that comes through a water softener before it even reaches the house? We have to squeegee and wipe down with a towel both the white faux marble and the glass after EACH shower or it builds up with a smudgy dullness. Just wondering.

    • Oooh, sometimes I hate to hear that voice of reason. If we have trouble with a dark soap dispenser, perhaps a lot of dark tile would be a big mistake. We’re still keeping a little of it and hoping for the best. Thanks for the reminder.

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