March of the Lady Bugs

Things they are a changing. Just a few weeks ago, the bougainvillea looked gorgeous covered in blooms, and now it’s leafless branches are pathetic.

BG Collage

It’s all just a part of the change of seasons. Our blue skies have been traded in for a hazy gray, and the temperatures just like the leaves are dropping.

We’re not the only ones to notice that fall is here. The wasps have continued to try to build nests in the top of the windows, and the ladybugs are back. I hadn’t thought we had a real problem. Sure, I’ve been sweeping them up daily, but a couple dozen isn’t too bad compared to last year. Then the boiler serviceman asked as he was leaving if we’re breeding ladybugs. Granted, he was down in the boiler room on the sunny southern wall of the house–maybe he’s just not used to these things. Then I went upstairs to Sweet Miss’ room. With her new sorority requirements, she needed all her black dresses sent to school. That’s when I realized she at least had a problem.

So I decided to take the vacuum to this mess.

The baseboards need dusting as well. I always notice these things after the photo.

The baseboards need dusting as well. I always notice these things after the photo.

Here’s a look at the broader scope of things in high def, just in case you’re doubting the seriousness.

Ladybugs HDR

A quick vacuum did the trick. Cocoa was shocked that we had a big mess she knew nothing about for once.

All Clear

The baseboards look lovely, if only that stack of clothes would disappear as easily.

Cleaned Up

As with my past tales of woe about the ladybugs (here and here), we have no idea how the silly creatures are getting in. Sweet Miss’ room is two-stories above the boiler room and that whole wall of the house was covered with ladybugs the other day. I’m seriously considering buying a “Ladybug Buster” from Gardener’s Supply Company. These little boxes containing eggshell quicksand and a nontoxic lure simply attach to a window and can hold up to 2,000 ladybugs. Maybe one for Sweet Miss’ Room and one for the great room would do the trick.

Does anyone have any experience with these? Ever been inundated with a “beneficial insect”?


3 thoughts on “March of the Lady Bugs

  1. OOOOOEEEE! That is a lot of bugs. We had a 3 inch centipede in the bathroom this morning……….think I like ladybugs better. Yes, I am with you getting some help with those boxes that hold 2000.

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