A New Toy

Half the fun of a project is making sure you have all the right tools.  With the big remodel under way in the girls’ bathroom, and another on the horizon for the guest bedroom’s attached bath, the MR has been shopping and came home with a new tile saw.

Saw 4

Ain’t it pretty? It’s big, shiny, and smells like grease–just perfect for the girls’ kitchen. OK, so it’s just temporary, but you know what that means. The tile has arrived, and the MR will be busy all weekend turning the girls’ shower into something beautiful.

This is not his first tiling job, and he already had a saw, but apparently ceramic tile is harder than stone. I was surprised that he bought it at Harbor Freight Tools instead of at a big box hardware store. They had great reviews and good prices. While the reviews on saws were good, the reviews of saw blades weren’t, so he purchased a diamond-edged one online that arrived this week. It pays to do a little research.

When I posted options for the shower, I was so excited by the number of responses. A lot of people liked the drama of the dark back wall, and everyone wanted tile to the ceiling. Then reality hit. The MR didn’t like the dark wall, and my mother-in-law brought up the hard water issue. Would that wall stay beautiful and rich in color or soon be covered in a haze? All I had to do was look at my soap dispensers to figure that one out.

Soap Dispensers

I’ve opted to use the cheap dollar store plastic dispenser rather than the dark brown ceramic one that’s covered in water spots and always looks dirty. I would hate for the MR to do all this work, and have a beautiful shower looking cloudy and spotty.

But we can still put tile to the ceiling right? It would take a lot of splashing for the water to get that high on the walls. I was sure the MR could just tile over the sheet rock up there with minimal fuss. That’s when he asked me if I wanted to glue heavy tile to paper and hang it over my head. I guess there’s a reason he’s the one who does the remodeling. So it meant replacing all the walls with cement board and redoing around the window–basically it was a lot more work and the guy who’s doing the work gets the final say. So no tile to the ceiling.

But we have 500 pounds of tile upstairs and a free weekend, so I’m hoping to post pictures next week of tile on the walls rather than my simple renderings.

I’m also hoping for a bit of sunshine, or a bit of rain, or maybe just a hint of sky. We’ve been in the soup for a week or so.


It’s depressing to be surrounded in this veil of white. I was so excited when the sun broke through for a few hours on Wednesday.

The Sun

Me and the MR sat on the deck and watched the sun set and the fog seep back in to the valley.

Sunset 4

I’m hoping to see a little sky this weekend and maybe to accomplish a few outside chores.

What are your weekend plans? Does the fog dampen your spirits? Any tiling going on at your house? Bought any new toys?


5 thoughts on “A New Toy

  1. Oh wow, nice new “toy”! Like your decisions! Crazy way for you “MR” to relax on the weekend, but he IS his father’s son. Nothing better than demoing a bathroom on the weekend.
    We end Branson tomorrow, clean up the condo on Sunday, go to the “MR’s” sisters for a while and then home. Will miss everything in Branson, and looking forward to returning next year.

  2. Can’t wait to see the pics. We have tile waiting to be put in the front entry. This December will be 5 years since it was purchased…my husband does A LOT for others, things around here often get put off. Sigh. Getting ready to make noodles, bread, and breakfast burritos. The noodles will be a new venture. I do have the garden bed all cleaned up, and errands done. Sat down for some lunch and watch The Carrie Diaries on DVR before baking begins.

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