The Headaches of Gluten-Free

We’ve been on this gluten-free journey with Baby Girl since June. And while the rest of us haven’t sworn off it, most of my baking is gluten-free. Who’s going to eat a cookie in front of her kid and tell her she can’t have one? I’m just not that heartless.

That means, I’ve been trying out a lot of new recipes. Did you know you can make flour out of just about anything? We have almond flour, garbanzo bean flour, tapioca flour, three kinds of rice flour, and the list goes on and on. I’m a fairly creative cook, but my pantry used to just hold white flour, wheat flour, and maybe some cake flour if I’m being fancy. This means things have gotten a little messy in my baking cupboard over the last few months. One book recommends a certain flour, a friend suggests something else, and before you know it I have bags of flours all over the place.

Gluten Free Flours

So over the weekend, I washed a few Mason jars, pulled out my funnel, and a labeler, and straightened things up all to the beautiful background music of a tile saw. I tried to put the flours in wide mouth jars and items that were more granular in narrow mouth. I didn’t want to go out and spend a lot of money on new containers. I’m sure after we’ve been doing this for a while, we’ll come up with our own flours that we prefer and be able to cut back on the number of things we buy. All these fancy flours have their own characteristics, and most need to be blended together to replace wheat flour.

So this is what I ended up with.

Cs Stamp of Approval

Here’s another before and after just so you can really ooo-and-aaah at the difference.

GF Clean Up Collage

I do love a dose of neat and tidy. In my pantry, I used chalkboard labels that are simple to erase. While it’s easy to discriminate between lentils and split peas, all these flours are harder to distinguish. Most of them I’d never heard of before June. I hope this will keep me organized, and I won’t be buying so many duplicates. Apparently, I have a hankering for white rice flour and tapioca flour–who knew?

Several of the flours wouldn’t fit into a quart jar, so I bagged up the extras and stuck them in the freezer. But the unopened doubles, I left in the drawer so that I wouldn’t end up buying even more of them.

This is a still life of carefully placed items, not to be confused with a real life kitchen. I would never be so messy as to leave my keys, towels, and potholders on the counter.

This is a still life of carefully placed items, not to be confused with a real life kitchen. I would never be so messy as to leave my keys, towels, junk mail, and potholders on the counter.

I did see some 2-quart jars at the hardware store where I bought more of the white lids–I like everything to match. When I come across the perfect flour mix, or if I decide I love the taste of oat flour, I may have to pick up a few.

Now lest you think all we do is work around here, I did try to get Baby Girl to take her dog to the craft store with me for pet photos. BG had other plans, so we did an impromptu photo shoot at home. While Cocoa is a social butterfly–I mean lobster–Bogart doesn’t do well around strangers, so this way we got both dogs in the pictures.

Doggie Costume Collage

Bogart is a pumpkin, and Cocoa is a lobster intent on eating her own eyeball. Maybe she’s a zombie lobster.

Notice how mesmerizing dog treats can be. They can even make you forget how ridiculous you look for a few minutes.

Upstairs, the MR has the floor and the back wall of the shower tiled. I’m hoping to share updates later this week. For those of you wondering, Cocoa simply shows up almost every time I pull the camera out. If I’m sitting on the floor, it’s even more exciting.

Making any changes at your house? Having any costume fun?


5 thoughts on “The Headaches of Gluten-Free

  1. I am having costume fun, but not with the dogs. My workplace encourages costumes on Halloween, so I have been trying to get a costume together. Of course,when you can’t find an acceptable hat at the store doesn’t everyone decide to crochet one? With only 3 days until you need it? You can guess what I will be doing when not at work.

  2. We are at you MR’s sister’s house now. The treats have been purchased and the grandson will be Waldo of “Where’s Waldo”, and not sure what the granddaughter will be, as her costume was loaned out and has not come back yet. Liked the stoic pose of Bogart, and the crazy shots of Cocoa.

    • Cocoa is a character. Kristi is dressing up as Wendy, Waldo’s girlfriend. If they weren’t so far away, I’d say he should stop by the library and say hello. Hope the costume comes back safe and sound. I have some candy in the house but figure the dogs will be our only trick-or-treaters.

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