Marching Into the Season

I know it’s only the first week in November, but I’m already getting excited about the holidays.

Sweet Miss is headed home in just three weeks, and we’ll be hosting Thanksgiving here and decorating for Christmas that weekend. I’ve planned lots of projects–who knows how many I’ll actually get done? But I’m excited about one vision that’s taking shape. Last December, I shared my troubles decorating the massive mantel with my undersized decorations. Then in the monthly wrap up, I mentioned my dream of nutcrackers marching down the stair-stepped side walls that flank the fireplace.

Well in June, what did I come across at the at the thrift store but a giant nutcracker. My quest had begun. Next, a friend read my blog and came across nutcrackers for sale on the local Facebook trading post. By the end of the month, I’d added three more soldiers of Christmas to my collection. The seller had access to a hundreds of nutcrackers down in California and promised to contact me when they arrived at his house. I was afraid he’d forgotten about it, but Friday I found myself perusing table upon table of nutcrackers.

The collection had belonged to his mother-in-law and with her passing, the family needed to find new homes for her treasures. At most for just $3 a piece, I went to town and brought home these fine fellows.

Nutcrackers 2

While I have to put them away for now, in another month, they’ll be guarding my fireplace along with their brothers. I have a great start on a collection, so I can be a little more discriminating and add to it as I go along.

I need to get busy with all those other Thanksgiving and Christmas projects. We had a windstorm on Saturday morning, and the power was out for a day and a half. I have lots of catching up to do around here, now that I can see the mess we made in the dark. Baby Girl and I did enjoy a cozy afternoon, knitting and doing homework while listening to an audiobook with a fire in the hearth to keep us warm.

Are you getting ready for the holidays? Hope you had a cozy weekend.


5 thoughts on “Marching Into the Season

  1. Wowie! With hundreds of Nutcrackers to choose from, you only came home with 3? That takes some kind of willpower. They are lovely/manly, and perhaps these were the only 3 that were tall enough.
    We are enjoying two days of badly needed rain while still in TX. On the way hear we saw many signs in the front yards saying “pray for rain”. Looks like the prayers are being answered, as it will come steadily with no flooding this time.
    Yes, we have been preparing for the holidays, by doing some shopping. The TX family gifts have been purchased a d wrapped and waiting for the tree to go up the day after Thanksgiving. Always fun to see gifts brought out once the decorations are up. Also have your, and the Mr’s gifts purchased and in the van, waiting to give to you when we come up this summer. You will love them, and will be happy with the wait. I have ideas already for your girls and the ‘logical families”, and, like you, am looking forward to the holidays. Happy FALL!!!!!!!

    • I ended up with 6. If I’d had more cash, I might have bought a few more, but I like the more traditional nutcrackers. I didn’t want the fisherman or the fireman.

      Glad for rain in your neck of the woods and the holiday spirit.

  2. Not a lot of prep going on, but I did buy a cool decoration for my office last night at Kirkland’s. That along with the incredible handcrafted nativity scene I bought a few weeks ago and that will be all of my decorative purchases for the holidays. We have discussed what we will get the kids, I have an idea for DH and my folks. I don’t get nearly as many decorations out as we own any more, but will do some things, including the tree.

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