Tile Update Plus a Little More

The MR has been hard at work the last few days getting all the tile in place on the upstairs shower. Now if this were a technical blog I’d go into great detail about measuring, cutting, spacers, and all that. But I don’t tile; the MR doesn’t write. I know he made a lot of noise and a lot of dust, and now the shower is starting to look quite lovely.

So without further ado, here’s progress.

Tiled Shower

Let’s take a closer look at the accent tile that will run behind the spa shower tower.

Accent Strip

Me and the MR were both surprised at how dark the tile is. Part of the issue is probably that we looked at it on the main floor where we have walls of natural light rather than in the upstairs bath with one small window. While it wasn’t exactly what we’d envisioned, it still looks beautiful.

This shower is for our teenage daughters. Have you noticed that long hair is totally in style these days? Our girls use a lot of shampoo, and a lot of products in the shower. With that in mind, the MR added not one but two shelves in hopes of keeping them organized.

Two Shelves

Once the mortar has set, the MR will remove the duct tape and start grouting. We’re going with a dark, gray-ish/brown grout. He was saying he could have it all done as early as next weekend. Now that would be exciting.

One of the things I was super impressed with was the way the MR matched up tiles with similar veining as he went along. He did mention it was total luck and involved zero planning, but I bet he did it subconsciously because he’s just that good.

matching veins

So while the MR was being noisy, dirty, and creative, I did get a few little things done over the weekend. Along with ladybug issues, we have troubles with cluster flies, wasps, and fruit flies. The recent frosts and low temps have gotten rid of most of these pests, but we still have quite a few fruit flies driving me crazy. Well, I’ve been eyeing a glass pear at Gardners.com for years and finally ordered one last month. Somehow, I always thought it would be the size of a real pear–it’s not. It’s rather large, but not bad looking, and after filling it with the lure solution, it’s trapped a ton of fruit flies overnight.

Pear Trap

While it’s just another Monday in most of the world, in the US, we’re celebrating Veteran’s Day. That means no school, so Baby Girl and her posse spent the night upstairs. One of her friend’s dads had asked if we have any food at our house. I think the gluten-free, soy-free thing has thrown a bunch of her friends for a loop. They just don’t know what to feed BG. I decided bacon and pancakes would be fairly normal–BG doesn’t eat eggs, so that’s out. BG and I were totally shocked when the recipe for Buttermilk Pancakes off the Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour bag came out light and fluffy. Those aren’t words I use to describe most of my GF creations; they’re all rather dense. I was a little leery of using the coconut flour recipe–it’s very unusual stuff–but the recipe also called for a cup of white rice flour and only 1/3 cup of coconut flour, so I thought I’d give it a try. Bob got it right this time; those pancakes were tasty.


So we’ve covered tile, fruit flies, holidays, and pancakes, what more can I add? How about painted ceramics? When the power was out last weekend, BG and I went with some friends to a local ceramic painting studio. I’d been at a conference for the last day and a half and was exhausted. But at least the studio was warm and had lights. So while BG painted a travel mug, I decided to decorate a spoon rest in our chosen color scheme–a little gray, a little yellow, a little green.

BG went off to a birthday dinner and picked up our treasures over the weekend.

Mug & Spoon rest 2

And finally, the fog is clearing and it’s shaping up to be a beautiful day. While I love the view on a clear day, sometimes the fog adds mystery and makes the mountains even more of a delight. Here are pictures looking out to the mountains, over the valley, and then again from the second floor.

Fog Collage

Hope you’re enjoying your Monday. Thank you to Papa Willy, Papa Larry, Uncle Mark, Grandpa John, our friend Nello and all the other brave men and women who are serving and have served our country.

What have you been up to this weekend? Any painting? Tiling? Catching bugs? Admiring the view?


7 thoughts on “Tile Update Plus a Little More

  1. Loved the Gardners.com pear!!!!!!!!!! Will certainly purchase some for Christmas gifts. The shower is awesomely beautiful, and I agree with you, the “MR did the whole matching veins subconsciously”. Thank you for giving “thanks” to all the vets in our combined families..

  2. Lovin’ the shower! My weekend was both crummy and good. I will spare you the crummy – but we went out to dinner for a date Friday night and had a long lunch Sunday with some friends. That was very nice. I am currently trying to decide with a group of friends what painting we want to do at a painting store in town, kind of like your ceramic store. Except everyone goes and paints the same thing. Decisions, decisions. It didn’t help that our schedule has ended up taking us out of town two weekends in a row coming up quick.

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