Special Delivery

Yesterday, I had to spend the day at home. Now it could be said that I spend plenty of days at home; I enjoy being at home. I’m a homebody, so why does it matter? It’s the principle of the thing–I don’t like being told what to do. I want to go to my exercise class and knitting circle; I don’t want to sit around waiting on some delivery man to show up.

I know I’m being a little petty. I don’t have to wait around that often, but this is the third time I’ve had to wait around for this particular delivery, and I’m beginning to lose faith.

Let’s back up a little. Remember our blue bathroom? We started with a baby blue toilet, blue tile, faux-finished powder blue walls,  and a matching baby blue sink in the main floor powder room. Have I mentioned that the MR hates blue and that the room made him cringe? The toilet didn’t last a month, since it kept flushing constantly. Then last winter, we got rid of all the faux-finishing and went with a soothing taupe. Unfortunately, the tan made the blue seem even bluer.

Powder Room Collage

The MR replaced the tile immediately.

A Closer Look

And so all that’s been left is the blue sink for the last nine months. Just get a new one right? It should be simple, but this is a strange house. With 11 corners in the powder room, we don’t want to add any more angles. We have a lot of mirrors and no storage. How can we update this room tastefully? We toyed with the idea of having a built-in vanity made for the awkward sink area, but decided a sleek pedestal sink in an oh-so boring white would do wonders.

That’s where the delivery comes in, or should I say deliveries? You see I’ve waited around twice to not sign for smashed porcelain sinks. The delivery man had lost faith, too. When he arrived, he asked if I’d like to check out the sink in the back of the truck, so he didn’t have to mess with moving it all around just to but it back again. So I took a ride on the hydraulic lift and lo and behold the box looked like a brand-new box. No huge dents; the pallet was wider than the box, this was promising. With the aid of box cutters, we opened the outside wrapping, found another box on the inside, removed some styrofoam  to reveal a real sink all in one piece.

Now of course, the MR is quite busy remodeling the shower upstairs, but this little gem is waiting for his attention when he gets done with that big project. So here’s a hint of what’s to come.

sink 4

I know it’s not much to look at at the moment, but I promise you that it’s going to look good.

It wasn’t just big trucks bringing special deliveries yesterday. Baby Girl came home with her own sweet gift. She’s the FFA treasurer for her school’s club. That means she’s required to take a shop, floral, or agricultural class. Can you guess which one she chose? That’s right–floraculture for the win, and she came home with this lovely arrangement she’d created.

Flower arrangement 7

Any deliveries planned or surprises at your home? Do you like being told what to do?


5 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. No I do not like being told what to do. I think it must be a remnant of my childhood and teenage years… I had a package on my steps when I got home tonight, actually. The first of Christmas presents-this was for my parents. They both love to read, but live in a very small town, with a limited library. So I got them Kindles. I know my mom will love not having to go out to look for a book. I have had mine for almost 2 years, and have only paid for 2 books. So I know she can find some things to read in the middle of winter in Minnesota. I’m not as sure about my dad, but I am going to add a couple of games he likes to play. It is getting harder for him to get around, and I think he will like being able to sit in his chair and play.

    Can’t wait to see the sink installed!

  2. I believe you went with the right choice of a beautiful, tasteful, white pedestal sink for the ‘powder room’. No need to have any storage, as those using the room are in there for a short time, and since the wall behind the door is floor to ceiling mirror, to set anything in front would not be improving it’s already beautiful symmetry. Can’t wait to see the completion of this fascinating room.
    On the other hand, Papa and I are the only ones who have been delivered to our front door, after being gone since the end of June. While it is great to be home, there always seem to be endless projects to be done having happened in our yearly absence. Right now we are cleaning up the yard after many windstorms, and the fridge part of our sub-zero was running all the time, so we turned that off and just left the freezer side going. We are now waiting for the repair man to come see what needs to be done to fix it/ or toss it and get a new one. So……….maybe our “special delivery” will be a new side by side.

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