A Little Thankfulness

At the beginning of November, I noticed some of my friends on Facebook started daily listing one of the things they were thankful for. I thought how sweet, and did absolutely nothing.

Then I read Centsational Girl’s post on thankful trees and was inspired. I had my table decoration all set up with an empty vase; add a few sticks, and some cards, and I’d be set. Then a week went by, and the month was almost half way over, it would be hard to find sticks, maybe I’m not really thankful, my family will think it’s silly and refuse to participate… Sometimes I have lots of excuses. Maybe I won’t have a whole month worth of thankfulness cards, but a few weeks would still be nice. So last weekend, I picked some sticks from the brush pile and came up with this lovely bundle of sticks.


What was I thinking? This doesn’t make me feel thankful; I was back to dragging my feet. But Wednesday, the sun shone in the afternoon, I talked to my Sweet Miss (I haven’t seen her for almost two months now), and I decided to give it another try. I do have a forest for a backyard, and I should be able to find a few sticks with a little character. So I put on my boots, grabbed a saw, and set off with my trusty helpers.

Trail & Bogey

And sure enough, on my woodsy walk I found plenty of downed limbs and branches covered in moss. Somehow a walk in the woods can make everything better.

Mossy Branches 3

Now that I was happy with my thankfulness “tree”, I had to decide what to hang on it. Should I cut leaves out of cardstock, did I want colorful paper, or something more elegant? I settled on some simple but sweet cards from Tater Tots & Jello (for the free download just click on the link). Then I went to town cutting and holepunching. I had some old ribbon yarn that was beautiful to look at and majorly itchy to wear, so I cut up lengths of that and attached it to the cards for tying on to the tree.

While we only have a handful of notes, we still have two weeks until the big holiday arrives. Let’s hope we’ll have plenty to be thankful for in the meantime.

Thankful tree

I have cards and pens handy for when the urge strikes, and if people deny that urge, I’ll give them a little poke. The MR asked why last night. It’s a good question. I believe that actively seeking out the good in your life, and thanking God and those around you, makes your life better. On gloomy days, focusing on the positive can lift your mood and bring a smile.

Thanks card

Baby Girl’s note certainly made me smile and might just result in a little something special for dinner tonight. I have been wanting to make an apple pie–maybe it’s time.

How do you show your thankfulness?


4 thoughts on “A Little Thankfulness

  1. What a lovely centerpiece, and a lovely idea of voicing thanks, and then making a card to show to others permanently, what you are thankful for. Because we live over 1200 miles away, Papa and I will not be able to join in on the festivities around your Thanksgiving table, however I would like to add our individual thanks to your table via email so you don’t have to print out this whole blog.We would, however like others to know that together we are: thankful for the choice our son made in picking you to be his wife. And we are thankful for the love and care and guidance you both have given to your girls, and raised them to to share that love and care towards others.

    In answer to your question of “how do I show my thankfulness”, it like to “pay it forward to others”. It is so fun to give a smile, or hug, or voice a compliment, or give a token of my tangible wealth to others then, if they respond, I tell them how special they make me feel and to do the same (pass it forward) to others. Everybody always responds, and it is a thankful win for everyone!

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