Cozying the Couch

On these windy, rainy days, I like to snuggle up in a nice big sweater. It’s cozy and warm and keeps the chill off. So last spring when I came across a few skeins of gorgeous, variegated, chunky, green yarn I snapped them up thinking they’d make a great snuggly pillow cover for the fall and winter months.

Over the summer, I started crocheting my pillow cover and soon realized I was running out of yarn. I switched part way through to a pattern that was less of a yarn hog and wound up with just enough to cover one of the old the pillows the former owners left in the conversation pit. These are perfectly fine pillows; I just hate the southwest fabric, and I still have a pile of them in the guest room closet. Now I had to rethink my plan. That’s usually my downfall. I’ve thought things through, they change, and I don’t know what to do.

I could use the faux brown suede I have from a project that fell through years ago. I have some light linen I could use for the back. But I’m moving away from the browns and trying to incorporate more gray in the color scheme. Linen and sweaters don’t really go together. On one of those sleepless nights, I remembered the rolls of fleece fabric I received from a friend when she moved about 10 years ago–I’ve told you I keep everything. Well anyways, I was sure I had some gray fleece out in the sewing room. But had I cut it into strips when I was on that bag making kick? Who knows. I could just piece the back; it would be fine.

Sometimes I need to tell myself, “Get a grip Kim. It’s just a pillow.” And this weekend, I found the perfect piece of fleece, and sewed it up lickety-split, and now we have a new pillow.

backing pillow topper

First I cut the fleece into a 16×16-inch square to match the size of the pillow and a cut a 16×5-inch flap. Well, my crocheted pillow front wasn’t quite square, so I readjusted the fleece to match up with front.

cut fleece

Next, I pinned both sides together and started sewing. Well, have you noticed how sweaters can stretch? I was quickly running into problems with a standard stitch length. So I switched it to the longest stitch length (this pillow is not meant for pillow fights or heavy wear and tear) and pinned it carefully. I don’t normally use a lot of pins, but with stretchy fabric it helps keep everything in place.

sewn together

Then I removed the pins holding the flap and the back together and turned just the backing fabric to the right side.

pillow inside 2

After slipping in the pillow, I turned the flap right-side out and sewed it in place with a running stitch and some embroidery floss. If the pillow cover needs to go through the wash, I will have to resew it, but it took all of two minutes, so I’m OK with that.

And now while I love, love, love my owl pillow; it looks a little bland against the gray couch. Beige on gray is not my favorite.


But when I add our new cozy pillow, it stands out so much more.

owl and sweater

The owl pillow might be even better on one of the little green chairs, so my cozy green pillow can hold its on with the faux-fur throw on the couch.

owl on green chair

My new pillow certainly adds a punch of color and texture to the loveseat.

sweater pillow

Here we are all up close and personal.

sweater pillow up close

I love the texture, the color, and the coziness factor. The dogs on the otherhand can’t figure out why I’m crawling around and not playing with them. They’ve been trying to photo bomb all these pictures with tails and noses everywhere. I don’t believe they have much to say about pillows, although Cocoa did eat the corner of the owl pillow in her puppy days–maybe that’s why she can’t look me in the eye.


Did you get crafty this weekend? Added any cozy touches to your home as winter approaches?

(Note to self: Clean up the den and hang up that silly picture–it’s another plan went awry and has been on hold for months.)


2 thoughts on “Cozying the Couch

  1. I really like the way you are going with your introducing new bright, yet cozy, colors into your living spaces. They will certainly be cheery during those long grey winter days.Good job.

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