Putting On a Show

It’s a crisp morning here in the Northwest with the deck sparkling under its blanket of frost. That’s just one of the reasons a few of our plants have made their way indoors.

The bougainvillea and the plumeria can’t overwinter outside–this is nowhere near their native Hawaii or Mexico. But I was certain the little tree with the blue flowers (Royal Robe Paraguay Nightshade) that I bought for the MR on our anniversary would be fine outside. Before I brought it home, I checked to make sure it was evergreen and flowered for a long time with fragrant blooms. The MR likes unusual plants that he can prune. I thought it was perfect, and it didn’t hurt that it was on sale 70-percent off. I neglected to check the tag for cold hardiness–20-30 degrees F. Now that was a problem.

So all our potted trees came inside with the cool weather. As our little tree began losing all its leaves, I decided maybe the tag was wrong and it wasn’t really evergreen, and I resigned myself to the fact that I’d have another ugly plant sitting on the walkway all winter long. But then something happened; it started sprouting leaves. It began to look rather nice, so when I relegated the other plants to the corner of our bedroom, I decided to let it stay out in public.

Boug & Plumeria

I’m so glad I did. Before long, this little tree sprouted a few blooms.


And now it’s totally covered in flowers with more on the way.

Blue Flower Tree

I was trying to capture the sunrising to the left through the trees and Mt. Rainier peaking through the clouds to the right and failed miserably. I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination. Here we are a little more up close and personal.

Flowers Up Close

While the tag promises “masses of large, fragrant, rich blue-violet flowers…. a very showy plant”, I’d say the flowers aren’t very big and only slightly scented, but this is the best the plants looked since I bought it. Flowers of any kind are a welcome sight in November.

Close Up

I’m glad I decided to let it hang out in the great room, and now we all get to watch it put on a show.

Have the temperatures dropped at your house? Anything in bloom?


7 thoughts on “Putting On a Show

  1. It is beautiful!!! Oh and fragrant, what more can you ask of a tree! Nope, the cactus are not blooming and the leaves are dropping on the Mesquites. All is well in the yard.

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