Now That’s a Shower

The MR has been faithfully plugging away at the upstairs bathroom remodel since September, and now, just days before Sweet Miss’ return from college, he’s got the shower up and running, and I must tell you it’s a beauty.

So let’s recap a little. First the MR took out the stacked washer and dryer and tore out the old shower,  then we had to make some choices on tile and style, he bought a new saw to cut all that beautiful ceramic tile, and last time I left you with the tile all in place. The MR grouted last weekend, sealed the grout, and hung the doors.

shower doors

Holding a heavy bar over your head and balancing huge pieces of glass can be tricky, so I stepped in to help a little. Let me tell you, those doors glide smooth as silk.

sliding mech

This weekend, it was time for water. With just one little mishap, the MR had the shower up and running in time for Baby Girl’s volleyball try-out weekend and Sweet Miss’ imminent return.  The shower tower, as I like to call it,  comes in one unit and is fairly easy to install if only the threads on the screws were just 1/8-inch longer. Here’s a closer look.

shower tower

Now the girls can enjoy a truly fancy shower experience complete with jets and sprays.

Just in case you don’t remember where this bathroom started here’s a little before, all tiled, and after.

Shower Collage 3

Unfortunately, the bathroom saga is far from over. Besides being very messy, this photo of the vanity pretty much says it all.

cramped vanity 2

We’re planning to replace the vanity with a longer version to better fit the space, adding another sink for better usability, fixing the holes in the wall left from the washer and dryer, replacing the beige toilet with a white one and the ugly tile with something pretty (maybe dark chocolate brown like the accent tile in the shower). We also have baseboard issues from where the old radiator was removed. We haven’t even started talking about paint, mirrors, and updated lighting,

At least one corner of the bathroom is pretty, and I do believe replacing the shower was the most difficult part of the remodel. Then again, ask the MR in another month. Who knows what adventures lie ahead.

For the full story you can read all about removingdemoingdecidingpreparing, and tiling by clicking on each of the links. I’m sorry that my photos don’t do the shower justice. Maybe I need to hope for a cloudy day in November in the Northwest to get a better picture? Putting up the glass doors adds so much glare, and even with the lights off, the mirror still bounces light onto the shower. I have the doors open, so you don’t see the reflection of me in my workout gear taking pictures… Maybe it’s time for a new camera or a photography class. Anyways, I did my best.

Any remodeling before the big Thanksgiving week at your house? Prepping for guests?


9 thoughts on “Now That’s a Shower

  1. It’s great to follow your progress – the shower looks amazing! It’s true what they say – you learn real patience when you’re renovating because there always seems to be something left to do!! But you are certainly getting there – and in great style!

  2. Oh wow……………..that is a beautiful shower!! What a difference it made. We really like the your choice of tile as it just opens it all up. Good job MR!!!!

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