Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

This week I’ve been shocked, in awe, amazed at all the bloggers that have it all together. Their tree is up, their mantel decorated, their table is set, and their house is bedecked in lights. Wow, I am so not together.

When the girls were little, we had a tape of Broadway songs for kids. The girls would dance crazily while singers belted out songs from classic musicals. One of them was “We Need a Little Christmas”. In this happy, chipper voice, they’d sing:

Haul out the holly 
Put up the tree before my spirit falls again 
Fill up the stocking 
I may be rushing things, but deck the halls again now 
For we need a little Christmas 
Right this very minute 
Candles in the window 
Carols at the spinet 
Yes, we need a little Christmas 
Right this very minute 
It hasn’t snowed a single flurry 
But Santa, dear, we’re in a hurry

The thing is Santa, I’m not in a hurry. I like to enjoy life and eventually everything will come together. Our tradition is to cut down the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and we went to the tree farm and cut away. We even had help from Sweet Miss’ fellow and his buddy.

Tree Cutting(119)

We brought it home, set it up, and spent 20 minutes rearranging furniture. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a Christmas tree that tops out over 10-feet, but it takes a while to decorate. Let’s be honest, me and Baby Girl were adding decorations yesterday. We had it together enough for a family Christmas photo before Sweet Miss and her friends headed back to school, but it’s still not quite done.

I’m into enjoying the process. This is only our second Christmas here, and we’re still trying to figure things out. Some traditions die hard. I used to hang the girls’ art work on the kitchen cabinets and as they got older, I’d pull out their holiday art and hang it each season. Last year, we hung it up in their kitchen upstairs, but this year Sweet Miss insisted that it belongs downstairs. The childish drawings and silly rhymes my sweet girls made when they were so little bring a smile to my face. It’s not slick and fancy or cool, but it’s heartwarming and real–more like us.

So I know it’s been a week, and I haven’t found the perfect place for the nativity set my mom and dad made as newlyweds 50 years ago, and the mantel still needs some work, but I will share a little of our decorating gems. I am pleased as punch with my collection of nutcrackers. I love how some of them look frightened while others look frightening.

Nutcracker Right

Check out the little guy all in white, he’s scared to death.

Nutcrackers Left

They have so much character. One looks like he’s been getting a spray tan and another is permanently red-cheeked. With all these handsome nutcrackers flanking the fireplace, the mantel itself was looking a little lackluster.

Mantel old 2

So I’ve been shopping and rearranging and trying to come up with something. We’re about halfway there, but it’s going to take another day or two to figure things out. Here’s a hint of what’s to come.

Christmas 019

Meanwhile, I’m helping get the rest of the house into the holiday spirit with something as simple as a new tray and some holiday tissues.

Tray 2

And I’m enjoying taking my time putting it all together. I’ll sing along with the song, but I’m not rushing things…

How’s your Christmas decorating coming along? 


3 thoughts on “Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

  1. We have done nada so far. I’m not sure what all we will end up getting out this year, certainly not all that is available. Out of town almost all last week, and again some this weekend with a holiday party the moment we get back, so not a lot of time. I’m trying to figure out when I am going to make Christmas candy, too.

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