The Hanging of the Greens

When the girls were little, we attended a church that always celebrated the beginning of advent with “The Hanging of the Greens.” Families would gather on a Saturday night to decorate the church with pine boughs, eat lots of cookies, and finish the evening with a round of carols. The decorating may not have been perfect, but it sure was fun.

While we always enjoy a “real” tree, I don’t usually scatter greenery about. But this year, Baby Girl and the local FFA (Future Farmers of America) were selling centerpieces and wreaths. Well the local garden club had a wreath making party, so I decided to order some centerpieces. Sweet BG carefully made them to order and brought home three beautifully shaped decorations. While they were quite cute as is, I decided they needed a little extra pizzazz. So BG got busy making bows.

BG adding bows

And I went through my craft supplies looking for some floral picks.


These little green sticks with wires attached made it super simple to add some sparkle to the greens.

ornament on pick

When your going for the most sparkle and shine, you can run low on supplies. FYI: some toothpicks and wire will work in a pinch. So after all three centerpieces were covered in ornaments and bows, I put them on the china hutch and stood back and smiled.


They look so festive.


While I really liked the poinsettias I had on the china hutch last year, I did have a problem remembering to water them. Droopy plants, dropping their leaves really lose their festive impact. And I love supporting our local schools and clubs.

The two hours I spent making wreaths last Saturday were totally worth it. The 14-inch wreaths were just $7 a piece, a friend supplied the holly and evergreen branches. There is a learning curve. I could probably have gotten by with the 10-inch rings, bigger bundles would have been better since the boughs shrink with time, and holly takes on funny shapes. Oh well, they still look good flanking the front door.


I would really love to have hung them on the actual doors rather than the sidelights, but with custom etched glass, it’s safer to keep it clear. The MR nixed nailing anything into the stucco-type wall, so I used 3M hooks on the actual glass. They’ll remove easily at the end of the season, or maybe I’ll just leave them up forever–after all I never got rid of the pumpkins. It’s time Kim.

Here they are in a little more detail.

Wreath Collage

Have you been hanging the greens or singing any carols at your house?


One thought on “The Hanging of the Greens

  1. Wow, so beautifully made! Good job decorators!!!! Just home from 10 days in Vegas working at Cowboy Christmas, very fun. Finally decorating our tree today, will get to the cards tomorrow.

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