Unexpected Gifts

When you’re open to life, who knows where you’ll end up or what you’ll end up with. A couple of weeks ago, the nice lady who cleans my house a few times a month mentioned her sister was planning a remodel and needed a place for some plants. The demise of our giant dracaena–while totally welcome–left a bit of a hole in the corner between the den and the powder room.

pictures and shadows 3 (2)

So I told her that of course I’d be interested in some tall plants. We have great light, lots of space, and I like that lush tropical feel. Last week, she came bearing gifts.

New Corn plants

The corn plants were well-sealed in plastic for transport, so I unwrapped them, watered them, and got them situated. They need new pots, but they certainly add height and interest.

Cornplants 2

While new plants are exciting, they’re not the only gift I received this month. A friend and I had a fabulous day of pampering and shopping on the schedule. When she arrived at my door to whisk me away, she came bearing gifts. A co-worker was getting rid of a few nutcrackers, and she told her that she knew just the right home… Well, one looked like santa, and one was a firefighter, but one was more traditional and found his home here. I love that wild, sticking-out hair–it reminds me of a baby I once knew.

new nutcracker 3

If I hadn’t been open or crazy enough to tell the world that I had visions of nutcrackers marching down the walls, I’d never have received a message on Facebook directing me to a fabulous source, and I’d never have had friends bringing me nutcrackers. I’d still have the one lonely guy all by himself. Even if I look silly sometimes, it pays to share your hopes and dreams with others.

I’m thankful for good friends and unexpected gifts.

Have you received any surprises lately?


One thought on “Unexpected Gifts

  1. Wow, you received wonderful gifts from your friends. I love that others trust you with their treasurers. Another gift of Christmas!

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