Taking a Break

While I love the Christmas season and all it entails, sometimes I get overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle, the shopping and parties, the decorations and lights, the cooking and cleaning, the presents and cards–it all gets to be a little much. That’s why when the MR suggested taking a few days off, I jumped at the chance.

Last year, Sweet Miss had tests and Baby Girl was in Paris, so we took off to sunny Cabo San Lucas, just the two of us. This year, Sweet Miss left snow and the chaos of finals week and Baby Girl missed a few days of school, so we could get away as a family to the same sunny locale. We haven’t traveled with only our immediate family in years.

While me and the MR were content to lounge on the beach last year, the girls were a little more ambitious. So during our short stay, we wound up on a sunset cruise and an ATV tour.

Getting Started

Baby Girl is sporting the bandito look and “smizing”–that’s smiling with her eyes according the to the girls and America’s Next Top Model.

In Mexico, you never know what will happen. First we’re walking by cases filled with snakes, then we’re getting our picture taken behind a giant lizard, and then they tell us to hold out our hands.

Birds Everywhere

Sweet Miss has trust issues, so she refused, while the rest of us blinding followed directions. I love how we have birds in our hands, on our heads, and flying wildly about. After these extras, it was finally time for the main event. Somehow our side-by-side buggies turned into ATV’s, but we had a great time zooming past ancient cactus and racing along the dunes.

ATV Collage

Now are my Christmas cards out? Presents wrapped? PJ’s made? Menus planned? Shopping done? The answer to all is a big no, but I’m so glad we took some time out as a family for a little fun. We’re talking about making this an annual trip. Perhaps I’ll have to have all my holiday preparations together before December starts.

Meanwhile, the MR is back at work, Baby Girl is back at school, and Sweet Miss and I have some shopping to do.

Hope you’re taking a break and making some memories this holiday season.


One thought on “Taking a Break

  1. We did! I, MeeMee, volunteered to help a friend sell her fantastic photographs at the National Finals Rodeo, Cowboy Christmas, for 10 days in Las Vegas. . She has a working cattle ranch with 1500 head of cattle, in central CA and loves to take photos of anything depicting the “cowboy code of ethics and honor”. It was a win/win between my friend Diane Bohna and I, as I heard the great stories behind her photos and was able to help her increase her sales. Papa found lots to do to keep himself busy as well. Very fun way to put into effect, “what ever you give away with an open heart, will return to you two fold’. So glad your trip was a great interlude to the quiet of Christmas and it’s “reason for the season” Merry Christmas family. Love, MeeMee and Papa

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