Slow Down

Friday I woke to a dusting of snow on the ground with a steady stream of flakes falling. In the Seattle area, that usually means one thing–slow down. For me it meant, no school, no lunch to make, no volunteering in the student store, and no rushing around all morning.


I was happy for the chance to relax a little after scrambling to catch up from our mini-vacation, but then I sat down to write my blog and a weird little box with a cranky face showed up when I tried to connect to the internet. Suddenly, this enforced slow down was becoming a problem. Maybe spending time with my family was more important than imparting pearls of wisdom to the world.

So today, with the snow replaced by rain and last minute presents on the schedule, I’m going to spend some time with my sweet girls who are far from little and will be making homes of their own in a few years.

The Girls on the Beach

With that in mind, I’m taking a few days off to enjoy Christmas with my family. May the joy of the season fill your hearts from Baby Girl, the MR, Sweet Miss, and me–and some almost naked man in fancy garb from Mexico–we’re suckers for those silly photos.

family photo with native12232013_0000

Thank you for joining us at the Big White House on the Hill; see you in the new year.

Merry Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Slow Down

  1. Enjoy your Christmas. Wish we were there, but we are hosting Christmas dinner with many friends who do not have family in town. Looking forward to your next blog.

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