Into the Looking Glass

The big white house on the hill can be a bit of a strange place. Sometimes it’s the house, and sometimes it’s just us. You never know what’s going to be happening around here.

Back in November, I was excited about our new sink for the powder room arriving in one piece after two failed attempts. Then for the better part of a month, the sink sat in our entry. It’s not my favorite place to store a sink, but the MR is a busy guy and remodeling is a hobby–not his paying job. So I do my best to be patient.

Just deciding on a sink was a chore in and of itself. The powder room started off baby blue with mirrors and corners everywhere. The MR hated it, but I wasn’t that fussed about the whole thing.

Blue Bath & Sink

First, we replaced the phantom-flushing, baby blue toilet with one that worked (in white, thank you very much). Then we added a towel hook–towels in the sink are trouble. Fast forward a year, and the powder room got a fresh coat of paint along with the rest of the downstairs.

Tan Bath and Sink

The Tony Taupe certainly sets off the moldings and makes that baby blue pop. That’s not a good thing. The MR was quick to replace the blue tile in the windowsill with more muted tile, but we were stumped on the sink. Should we just replace it with a plain old, white pedestal sink? Should we have a custom cabinet made to fit the mirror alcove and create some storage? Should we keep the mirrors? And that’s where we stood for a very long time.

We finally decided to ditch the mirrors, forget about storage, and selected a sink that’s a step up from ordinary–after all this is the bathroom visitors use.

So the MR removed the mirrors, textured the walls, and painted the sink alcove to match the rest of the bathroom.

Sink alcove

Then lickety-split, the MR installed the new sink. If only it were that easy. Apparently, it was a quite a chore to install this baby. But after multiple trips to the hardware store, he’d soldered copper pipes and added flexible ones in all the right places. So, drum roll please, we wound up with this.

New Sink A

Don’t worry; we will be adding a mirror for over the sink, but it’s still being shipped. The wall above the sink is quite narrow, so we had to be very careful about the size of mirror we ordered.

Now that we’ve removed three floor-length mirrors, the alcove looks a little less crazy. And we still have a giant mirror behind the door to check our outfits before heading out on the town.


Now, you may be asking what we did with those old mirrors. Well, for awhile, they sat in the entry, so Cocoa could preen.

Cocoa and the mirrors

And now the mirrors have made their way to the garage. They’re fairly brittle, so the MR disposed of one in the trash, but Sweet Miss wants to use them in a very cool project that I hope to share the next time she comes home.

We need to hang the new mirror, add some art (things look a little bland without all that crazy faux-finishing), and maybe invest in some fancy towels, and then we’ll be all ready for company.


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