Let the Wind Blow

It’s been a wild and windy place around here the last few days. That means going to bed by candlelight only to wake up in the middle of the night to turn off the lights when the power comes back on. It means french doors blowing open in the wee hours and the dogs running off across the meadow. It means phone calls past midnight when your kid is giving Australian exchange students a ride home and the way to their host’s house is blocked by downed trees. Are you noticing a pattern? Me and the MR didn’t get a lot of sleep this last weekend. While the wind interrupted our rest, it did bring a positive change. One of the four large trees blocking the valley toppled over opening up our view.

missing tree

Here’s a little side-by-side to give you some perspective.

Before and After Collage B

Looking down, you can see that another tree was taken out when this one went down. With not too much effort, maybe we’ll really open up the view.   When I went to take a closer look, I noticed that the tree didn’t fall down the hill and out of the way; it fell across the path below the tennis court. It’s a good thing the MR isn’t mowing the lawn this time of year. Some cleaning up will have to be done before the John Deere will make it by. We have time. I’m just thankful all that wind actually did us a favor. Maybe it’s been worth the sleepless nights.

Is it wild and windy at your house? The weather bring any unexpected favors?


3 thoughts on “Let the Wind Blow

  1. Wow, thanks to Mother Nature giving you a brand new view in 2014. When finished our last house in Silver Lake, several trees had to be taken out to build the detached garage. Then…………through the years, Mother Nature stepped in and took out 11 trees total on our property. In the 20 years we were there, she also ‘thinned out’ several more trees in the 5 acres next door. So, while you don’t have to hold your breath, I think this might be the beginning of a whole new hillside of view for the Big White House on the Hill.

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