Get Your Act Together

The new year is a time for reflection, a time to evaluate your life and see where there are areas for improvement. I can pretend that me and my life are perfect, but that’s just foolishness. There’s a good reason I’ve checked out a book on personal organization–it’s one of my shortfalls.

While Sweet Miss has called me and the MR freakishly neat, I think she’s confused. The MR is an energetic, organized, determined fellow, and a little of that has rubbed off on me over the last 25 years. That being said, this year, I’m going to start conquering the clutter bit by bit.

My first area of attack was the office. Somehow it has become one of my catch-alls. Those long penny-covered counters just cry out to me, “Let me hold your junk.” And I have shamelessly caved. Maybe it all began when Cocoa started running off with my knitting. The basket wasn’t safe on the floor, so I had to put it on the counter. Next thing you know, it’s knitting books, yarn, a box full of projects, and papers all spread out on the counter.

Clutter Behind the Desk 2

And then all those papers that I was going to get to later stacked up in the in basket.

Clutter under the bookcases

And the clutter just grew and grew spreading rampantly across the space. All it takes is a little restraint and a little determination. It’s not like I don’t have a ton of cupboard space; if I’ve filled those up, then goodness Kim it’s time to get rid of some junk. So I put on my big girl panties, sorted, recycled, and put my stuff away.

Counter behind the desk all clean

Doesn’t it look so deliciously clean and tidy? The pictures gleam, the counters shine, and I can breathe once more.

Under the bookcases clean

I spent the afternoon going through piles of papers to achieve those barren counters.

Stack of Papers

Don’t worry lest you fear I have nothing else to do. The desk in the kitchen is even worse.

More Papers to Sort

Perhaps I should just stop getting the mail. It’s a never ending cycle–papers in, papers out.

Since you were kind enough to bear with my clutter, I thought I’d share this lovely sunset with you. That’s one of the great things about this time of year; while I moan and groan about the short days, when the sunrises just before 8 am, I’m awake to see it. And when the sun sets before 5 pm, I’m not caught up making dinner, so I get to enjoy it just that much more.

Gorgeous Sunset

Did you make any new year’s resolutions? How do you conquer the clutter?


8 thoughts on “Get Your Act Together

  1. Over the break, I purged our master bedroom. It is so nice in there, and so far so good (knock on wood), it is staying that way.

    My bad area is the table next to where I sit and watch tv get on the computer, as well as the space between the end of the couch and the wall. I just keep ignoring it, but I know I would feel so much better.

    And like you, our desk is out of control. I will get to it soon – ish.

    I don’t know that I made specific resolutions, but I have given myself some goals. One that I have been doing well at is reading the bible daily. I am doing one that is in chronological order.

    With some insurance changes this year, we have the opportunity for my husbands company to put money in our HSA. One of the things is to set some goals for health, from mental to physical, for the year. By doing this, we each receive some money. In addition, if we follow through and accomplish some things, we also get money in our account. So I have been working on that, too.

    • Way to go Lori on reading your Bible, taking steps to make you more healthy, and turning your room into a restful place.

      Experts say it’s the little stressors that eat away at your health–like that stack of papers you’ve been meaning to get to. Keep up the good work. I have faith in you.

  2. I applaud you on making the decision to de-clutter your space. Since I have many years of experience do to my advanced age, I will tell you my secret of keeping my clutter to a minimum. I put everything back where it belongs (no matter how tedious it is), and then at the end of the day, every single day before I check again before I go to bed. Now, granted there are only my husband and myself living here, while you have a myriad of young people in your home. But my clutter, is my clutter and it makes me feel so much better to find a place to put my ‘stuff’ away right when I set it down, whether it be papers, or stuff in the kitchen when I am cooking, cleaning up the grease and flour, peelings, etc. as I go. I am not bragging, but like you said, “it takes away one little stress of which I do have control. My biggest incentive, however, is: If something fun comes along, I feel guilt free to go on a moment’s notice………plus we senior citizens like to drop in unexpectedly on friends.

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