A Layer of Warmth

In my quest to organize, a blanket and some clothespins came to the rescue.

Plant Blanket & Clothes Pins

The dogs have no idea what I’m up to; they’re just excited to be outside with me on a sunny day in the middle of winter.

Bogey & Cocoa


Perhaps I should enlighten you–they’re a lost cause. In the fall, we decided the Russian sage seedlings we’d been babying along since July needed to find a new home besides the china hutch. They were still quite tiny, so we potted them up and the MR found them a spot on the floor in the sewing room–a place he never uses. Well, let’s just say they took more than their fair share of usable floor space, and quarters were cramped.

starts 2


They had light, warmth, and water when we remembered–at one point the pots were even sprouting mushrooms, but the seedlings weren’t thriving. If I’m going to sacrifice and trip over pots in my sewing room, I wanted it to be at least for a worthy cause. That means one that’s successful. So I decided garden hoops and row covers were the answer. I bought the hoops, and they arrived just in time for a string of days in the 20’s. Even if I set up the hoops, the ground would be too cold for the tender seedlings. Besides, I was undecided about what kind of plastic/row cover to buy, so I’d neglected to buy anything. I set up the hoops, admired my work, and did nothing for the next month.

That’s where the blanket and clothespins come in. Rather than drive 20 minutes to a fancy garden center, I went to the local hardware store after Bible study and picked up all I needed. It pays to shop at home. With highs in the 50’s, I decided it was time to kick those seedlings out. Since the hoops were already set up, I transplanted my sage, unrolled a length of seedling/plant blanket, and cut it to size. Then I punched in some garden staples and added some clothespins to keep the fabric from blowing away.

Under cover 2


Now they’re all snug in their bed with a little extra layer of warmth. We’ll just have to wait and see how they fare during the rest of the winter. They weren’t doing well inside, so I’m hoping the change will do them good.

While I was in the garden, I took a look at the asparagus from last summer. It was looking brown and crunchy–in other words dead–but plants have a way of surprising you.

Crispy Asparagus


So I figured a second hoop house around the asparagus might give it a boost. The raised beds look so cozy with their little white rows.

add a blanket 008


Now let’s hope for an early spring. I’ve been looking through my seed catalog with a highlighter trying to decide on the tastiest beans and the best lettuce.

What have you been up to in the garden? Any warm days lured you outside?


7 thoughts on “A Layer of Warmth

  1. Fingers crossed this will do the trick and they’ll thrive now. What a great idea – cosy little tunnels for seedlings – I’m going to try this when our frost is at its worst in July/August. Thanks for sharing! xoxoxoxox

    • Teddy and Tottie, we had an exchange student staying with us from New South Wales who mentioned the record heat wave. Hope your bit of Australia is surviving. So strange to think you’re enjoying the beach while we’re pulling on the wool socks.

  2. Kim I was attending a Men ‘s Club meeting a few years ago and one of the speakers was telling us about growing grapes and strawberries and the planting they and how they get all the plants to grow and harvest at the same time was to place all the plants in cold storage 38 deg. for 3 days, when they remove them for planting they  all sense spring and grow at the same pace.   I know this won’t be of any help or use but I thought you would like to know. Fred

  3. Nothing going on yet, but have been thinking about the seeds I will start. I have rounded up some of those plastic covers that blankets and comforters come in, and am going to try making greenhouses out of them.

    I love the hoops and blankets you have going on. I am going to check that out.

    I do have plans for a new fairy garden in our front yard. I aam going to start sketching it out and making plans.

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