Colorful & Eclectic Home Tour

When you say you’re flying to Vegas, people get certain ideas. They think glitz, gambling, shows, and letting your hair down. We have a different take; it’s where we go to visit MeeMee and Papa. You see the MR’s folks live an hour east of all the excitement.

This past weekend, the MR, Baby Girl, and I traded in lush green for the sand and sage of the desert. That means our projects were on hold for a few days, but it does a body good to get away and catch up with family. Since their home is one of Baby Girl’s favorite places on earth, I thought maybe you’d like to take a peak at their colorful and eclectic house filled with treasures.

When you drive up to this typical southwest-style rambler, you’d never suspect the wonderland you’re about to enter.

the house

But just as MeeMee and Papa are one-of-a-kind, so is their home.

L & MK 4

Let’s head inside. As you enter the front door, you’re greeted by a giant gong and a camel. The MR’s folks have worked art shows and fairs for more than 20 years selling charms, stones, fountains, copper, and beautiful jewelry and many other things along the way. Some of their art pieces and former inventory are scattered throughout the space.

gong 2

If one gong is good, than two is better, right?

To the left as you enter the great room, is a beautiful antique piece topped with a mish-mash of vases and art next to a glass and metal pedestal filled with fake fruit. I love how MeeMee combines a wide variety of styles with abandon. Sometimes, I over think what “goes” together.

still life

Everywhere you look, something new grabs your eye. Maybe it’s fish art from paint chips over the bar…

fish painting

Or a giant purple sectional in front of the patio doors…

purple couch

Or maybe it’s a collection of intricately carved gourds on the mantel.

Mantel 2

MeeMee shared how most of the pieces were given to them. They’ve helped out other artists in need over the years and received beautiful gems as a thank you. Papa watched a friend’s stand so she could go to a job interview, and she made him the carved gourd. Newcomers to art scene were struggling because they didn’t take credit cards, so MeeMee said she’d use her machine and write them a check. This kindness resulted in a custom wood table game that we all took turns at over the weekend. I love how kindness circles back.

This is not your average living room. The lamp shade in the center is an old rusty wash tub edged with fringe.


Along with loving life and people, MeeMee and Papa have an amazing willingness to embrace color. In case you didn’t notice the pumpkin and lavender walls, just take a look at the vibrant yellow in their master bedroom.


But that’s nothing compared to the chocolate brown guest room.

guest room

This room features an antique, four-poster, spread with a modern duvet, topped with metal art, and surrounded by a charming mix of decoupaged antiques.

decoupaged dresser

I know you want to see more. The bedside table is also covered in magazine scraps, topped with an Ikea lamp, and sports a tribal statue along with a very country duck.

bed side table

It’s a charming meld of styles, textures, colors, and a sense of humor.

bathroom art

Now let’s take a look at the red powder room. This is one of the rooms her guests love the most. It’s so colorful, so vibrant, and so personal.

mask & crayon art

The crayon art was a gift from the MR’s niece this summer, and Sweet Miss picked out the mask as a Christmas present when we were in Cabo. Some people might hold back with such intense color on the walls, but MeeMee layers it on with bright tapestries and photos.

Photos and vibrant wall hangins

We’re not talking a few pictures, we’re talking hundreds. You could simply get lost in this room for hours.

powder room

So many of the faces I know, but it doesn’t really matter. They speak of love, and laughter, and connection.

One of my favorite spaces is the dining room. I’m afraid my picture is rather awful. I was having some camera issues… Oh well, here’s a blurry view of the giant table, colorful chairs, and funky artwork.

Dining Room

You just have to squint to see that it’s truly as fabulous as it seems.

A tour wouldn’t be complete without a few pictures of the backyard. The MR’s dad was a landscaper for many years and has worked his magic outside. Little birds come in the morning to bathe in the fountain.

fountain 2

Isn’t it fun how making everyday tools part of a collection hides them in plain sight? I didn’t even notice the brooms until I was editing the photo.


I really like the faux-bamboo metal table. It’s been pushed off to the side this time of year, but the finish is magnificent, and it’s simply a table from a local big box store.

outdoor table

And here’s Baby Girl’s sign that she made for her grandma. MeeMee sees it every day as she washes her dishes and works around the kitchen.

BGs sign in place 2

Speaking of the kitchen, these signs behind the sink seem to capture MeeMee and Papa’s philosophy on life.

kitchen placques

While our house is definitely more subdued, we do share one thing in common. Sweet Miss painted these for all her grandma’s 15 years ago.

tea pot 2

Thank you so much MeeMee and Papa for sharing your beautiful home with us. I’m feeling inspired.

MK & giraffe

So what’s your favorite part? Do you–like Marilyn–just want to be wonderful?


8 thoughts on “Colorful & Eclectic Home Tour

  1. Thank you, thank you, for the beautiful photos in your blog of our home. We feel so loved by what you noticed. The sign hanging on the wall that Baby girl made for us, says it all “Everything has beauty, not everyone sees it” is all about you, thank you, thank you for noticing!. Ha! Makes me laugh in happiness! So glad you are our daughter-in-law……..and I know you feel loved too. MeeMee

    • Sorry my photos didn’t do your home justice, but I think I was able to convey the joyous spirit of the place.

      Me and the MR were marveling that even after walking past something for days, we would notice something new. So many hidden treasures.

  2. Love, love, love. I have no idea what to pick!! I love the decop. dresser. One of my cousin’s did this with her bathroom wall using pages from an old book written in French.

  3. Yes, with all our traveling the dust can build up, and I have, at times, asked visitors to wear dirt colored clothes and not to touch the furniture. And, it is amazing how quickly dusting goes by just using the wand of the vacuum cleaner with the brush on the end.

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