In Search of the Big Chill

Our ice cream has a problem. It’s soft–real soft.

I thought maybe I’d put in too many containers of warm chicken broth and overloaded the system. No such luck. Time went by and our ice cream still remained soft serve, and the problem seemed to grow. My frozen veggies were now a solid blob and ice crystals were forming on everything. Then a huge mass of ice on the bottom of the fridge stopped the tray from sliding out. So I immediately did..nothing.

I’ve never defrosted a freezer. Maybe if I fiddled with the dials my problems would all disappear. Life rarely works that way. So last Friday, I took the bull by the horns, emptied the freezer, turned it off but left the refrigerator running, put down some towels, and set a bowl inside.

Empty Freezer

I don’t know why I put things off for so long. I had visions of having to unload the fridge and schlepping tons of food upstairs to the girl’s kitchen. I was sure it would be a major endeavor, but it was actually quite simple.  I’ve cut back on frozen things of any kind since the upstairs freezer is full of berries and chicken broth, and this one doesn’t really work. I took this opportunity to toss a few odd and ends and stuck the rest in a little cooler for the day.


While I was waiting, I read up on how to remove the drawer so I could clean out the errant popsicles and all the spills. Shockingly, It was just a matter of pulling the freezer drawer out and lifting it up at the end. It’s amazing the information you can find out when you read the manual. After a day of waiting, all the ice was melted, and I was able to crawl inside and wipe it down.

All Clean

Then I put the food back, turned the freezer on, and waited overnight. The next morning, the moment of truth came. I had Baby Girl open the sherbet, and–drum roll please–it was still soup. As a last ditch effort, I had her turn the freezer up to the maximum setting–still no go. So I gave in and called the repair man.

We should be on good terms by now. First he came out when the fridge tipped over and tried to crush me. Thankfully, BG came to my rescue. And then when the door opened and shot a plastic hinge across the room, he came back to fix the problem. Now I’m hoping it’s something little rather than replacing the whole refrigerator/freezer. Even if it’s something big, it’ll still be cheaper than replacing the unit. A new Sub-Zero in a similar size costs over $9,000. I think this one has a little more life in it.

Tomorrow, we’ll have all the answers.

Having appliance issues? Ever put off something forever that turned out to be so, so easy?


7 thoughts on “In Search of the Big Chill

    • I have vivid memories of the MR on a step stool with the vacuum when this problem first cropped up. Recently he vacuumed the underside of the fridge when the housekeeper pointed out our dog hair problem on the bottom side of the kitchen rugs. All to no avail, but thanks for the tip.

  1. I think you must really be related to my husband. That is his favorite trick, something just seems overwhelming to him somehow, he finally tackles it, and it takes 15 min. Ok, sometimes a little longer. My biggest frustration is our dishwasher. There is always something getting broke off or it isn’t cleaning quite right. I think our hard water probably doesn’t help.

  2. Wow, what an adventure, Papa Larry agrees with Uncle Fred open up as much as you can and vacuum the condenser coils. Like ours, yours will be on the top. Clean as much as you can, plus clean the part that covers all the coils. However, since you have the repairman coming tomorrow, he will probably tell you the same thing. It will be fun to see him again anyway, as he is a nice man.

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