January In Review

I like these monthly opportunities to look back and see what’s been going on. For all those people who tell me that they’ve gotten so busy and haven’t checked out my blog lately, these posts are a quick way to see what’s happened over the last few weeks.

In all honesty, these reviews may be more for my sake than for yours. Sometimes I can’t remember which way is up. Skimming through a year’s worth of posts for A Look Back at 2013 reminded me of so many things and gave me a sense of accomplishment. We really have done a lot around here.

But who can expect a woman to remember that last January, the MR moved a recirculating pump from the upstairs kitchen to the main floor kitchen, so I’d have hot water quick and easy. All I knew when I reread that post was that it wasn’t working. The MR did a little investigating and explained it all. The pump is on a timer and when the power goes off, the timer gets messed up. If I wanted to wash dishes at 2 am, I’d be set. With a little fiddling, we had the pump working, and I’m back to having hot water in the kitchen thanks to looking back–life is good.

The main floor powder room has gotten a little TLC lately. We have finally banished the baby blue that set the MR’s teeth on edge with a new sink and a little less mirror. Check it out in Into the Looking Glass and Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.

Sink Progression Collage

It’s been a huge change from beginning to end. I’m still on the look out for art work and knick-knacks to add that personal touch.

We had a bonsai tree arrive in a box that changed my decorating plans, and another tree fall in the strong winds widening our view of the valley. The bonsai tree looked great when I unpacked it, but it immediately dropped all its leaves. I’m thankful it’s on the mend. And for those of you who remember that I was on a quest for some decorations for the mantel, you’ll never guess where I finally found some…. But I’m saving that for next week. I mentioned the large tree fell on the path of the mower, but the MR assured me it’s just the branches on the path. An afternoon with the chain saw should set things to right, and meanwhile we’re enjoying the new view.

Gorgeous Sunset

In Get Your Act Together, I cleared off the penny counters in the office area.

Counter behind the desk all clean

I’m pleased to say that they’re still mostly free of excess weirdness, but the desk in the kitchen is struggling. Bit by bit, I’ll get there. It’s a marathon–not a sprint.

It’s still winter, so the plants in the tunnel cloches featured in A Layer of Warmth aren’t exactly thriving, but they’re not dead yet, so I’m counting that as a victory. They still look cute next to the tennis court, and I have faith that they’re gonna make it.

add a blanket 008

I shared two posts from our weekend visit to the MR’s folks. They’re Colorful and Eclectic Home really is one of a kind. I was surprised to see how little had changed in the last nine years when I came across this old photo featuring a few more camels and giraffes.

L&MK house

Along with playing cards and eating good food, we went hiking and visited an unusual zoo in Other Fun.

MM & BG & Camel 2

The smiles on the faces of Baby Girl and MeeMee say it all. We had a great time and wish Roos and More good luck in getting reopened.

While visiting family is important, it’s nice to be home with time to tackle projects like Zig-Zag Art.

Close up of Zig Zag Art

Defrosting the freezer In Search of the Big Chill was a lot easier than I expected although it didn’t turn out the way I hoped. The big block of ice disappeared, but the freezer still didn’t work properly. Yesterday, the repairman arrived and fixed it up no problem. The timer on the defrost fan had broken, so the freezer wasn’t defrosting. Unfortunately, over the last week a new block of ice had formed, so the fellow spent a half hour with a hair dryer melting the ice. It cost more for labor than for the part. I can handle a $375 bill to fix it rather than a $9,100 replacement cost. And now I can actually start restocking my freezer.

What’s been going on at your house? Rooting for the Seahawks on Sunday?


4 thoughts on “January In Review

  1. Wow, I too am surprised how long it has been since you have been here! Yup, everything is the same only more paint, pictures and stuff. Every time I think we have too much stuff around, I am reminded of the ‘memories; that go with each item, and cannot change, just add more ‘life’ to it.
    THE PARTY IS AT OUR HOUSE…………………….GO SEAHAWKS1111111111111111111111111

  2. One more thing, so happy about your fridge/freezer. Same thing with our fridge, the defroster wasn’t working. Hooray for the ‘fix-it guy”.

  3. I have a back room Dona and I have been talking about fixing up for our “writing studio” everyday she is exciting to get working–everyday I make an excuse why we should wait another day, week, month. This Jan. review has inspired me to get busy…..next month…..

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