A Romantic Mantel

For 20 years, I’ve wanted a mantel–a focal point where I could express myself. Now that I have one, it’s giving me fits.

When we rang in the new year, I packed up my festive Christmas silver and red ornaments and my collection of nutcrackers. But what next? Maybe, I could keep a little of the silver and add some white and blue for a frosty wintry look. I didn’t want to be too glitzy, so I thought some branches would tone down the silver and crystal. That became a bit of a stumbling block.

I went shopping and found ugly and expensive branches that were heavily scented and gave me a headache. I made a wise choice and decided to check out what was available in my own backyard.

Branches in My Backyard

I thought I hit the jackpot with these mossy gems. I cut off a few, trimmed them back, stuck them in a vase, and left for the weekend. They were perfect, right? Not so much. The MR aptly called them “creepy”.

painting 016

Branches reaching out to grab you with their mossy tendrils wasn’t really the look I was going for. I thought a quick trim might do the trick.

painting 018

Not so much… Now the branches just looked stumpy and twisted in odd ways. Maybe this was all just a bad idea. I was ready to give up, but last week as I left my knitting circle, I saw stacks of silvery branches on the ground. My friends said they’d been thrown out after the holiday fair weeks ago. Well, I’m not too proud to pick up someone else’s trash for my mantel.

But since Valentine’s Day and the season of romance is just around the corner, I tweaked my original plan to include a little red, a little lace, and a little jewelry. And yesterday, I ended up here.

Photo (131)

I was pleased, but I thought it could use a touch more color. Don’t you love the shadows of the branches stretching across the mantel? They add such a fanciful touch. After I finished taking hoards of gorgeous photos, my camera and my computer got into a fight. They’re refusing to talk to each other. The MR was home early and needed the computer for work. Basically, blogging went by the wayside.

Lucky for you, I chaperoned a field trip for Baby Girl’s FFA club today. While I was out and about, I found the perfect punch of color to finish my romantic vignette. Who doesn’t need a red wood shaving heart?

Photo (130)

I’ll take a step back, so you can see the full effect.

Photo (137)

Sadly, the beautiful sunshine of yesterday has disappeared, but I’ll try to capture a picture on our next sunny day. Maybe then my camera will have gotten over its tiff with the computer, and I won’t be using Iphone photos.

While lace-edged linen napkins and old strands of pearls aren’t usually my thing, it’s fun to step out of the box sometimes. The pearls are necklaces of my grandmother’s that I found in my beading supplies. Here’s a closer look at her champagne flutes and cordial glasses. Some of the glasses I inherited were chipped along the rim. Rather than throwing them out, I turned them into candles with wicks and gel candle makings from the craft store. To bump up the glamour, I dumped in some glitter. I made them for New Year’s Eve ages ago, and they usually add a little glitz to the master bath.

Photo (133)

So for the price of a wooden heart, I added a little romance to my life. Maybe the feeling will spread.

What’s decorating your mantel? Adding any romance?


4 thoughts on “A Romantic Mantel

  1. I really like the mantle! Especially your choices with the red. With your them of ‘love is in the air for Valentine’s Day’, using pieces from your grandmother was a wonderful tribute to yer. Happy Valentine’s Day family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all, MeeMee and Papa

  2. I love what you did, so pretty and a touch of elegance! My mantle pretty much stays the same year round. I have a wonderful painting I got at Kirkland’s that fills the space, an old looking leatherish round tall container I picked up off of a garage sale sight on FB, and a wheat weaved windmill and candle that my grandmother made. I’m pretty satisfied, which is good, because there isn’t room for anything else!

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