Dream a Little Dream

Last week, I had the opportunity to chaperone a group of high schoolers on a field trip. Some of you might call that a nightmare rather than a dream, but it was truly a joy exploring the Northwest Flower and Garden Show with Baby Girl and her FFA club.

To be honest, the kids went off on a scavenger hunt searching for highlights their teacher picked out, while the chaperones were able to wander at their leisure. We did meet up in the middle, so BG could share her favorite finds including herbal tinctures, goat cheese, air plants, and wood inlay mirrors. We brought home a little of everything but the mirrors–those were out of my price range. It was fun to share in my daughter’s excitement.

Here are a few of my favorite things from the garden show, so you too can share in the excitement. I don’t know how many will find their way home, but a girl can dream.

Waiting for the show to open, I saw this lovely, organic arbor.

vine arbor

Just down the walkway, I found another arbor with a more modern feel. This might go better with our house; I like the simple clean lines.

zen arbor 2

Once we got inside, I saw this beauty. Maybe we could have an arbor that mimics the roof-line.

funky arbor

Do we need an arbor?
Not really.
Where would we put it?
Outside the boiler room, because everybody wants to sit by the boiler.

OK, maybe I haven’t thought this all through, but these are just pie in the sky dreams, right? I can daydream about a massive stone fountain…

massive rock fountain

Gorgeous garden art…

Copper wheel

giant vase

Glass art

And a beautiful tiered lawn with a lovely seating area.

terraced lawn 2

I truly am a practical person, and I did come away with a few doable ideas. While the fountain may be a dream, the MR’s folks bought us a bell they’re delivering this summer, and we can make sure it’s set out with the proper amount of pomp. While those lovely blown glass decorations would be demolished by the dogs if we put them out in the flowerbeds, they would fair better in large pots by the front door.

glass art in pots

We don’t need a water feature/dog bath, but terracing the lawn between the deck stairs and the vegetable garden would make it easier to navigate and could look amazing.  And I did see this sweet tower that would make a lovely bean trellis for my vegetable garden in lieu of a fancy arbor.

bean trellis

So while I can’t invest in all the art and arbors at the moment, I can bring some ideas home to ponder.

I loved the plants and textures shown in the display gardens. The contrast of the dogwood and heath was gorgeous.

Gorgeous Contrast

I took pictures of the plant tags, so I could try to replicate the look. A screen of bamboo between us and the neighbors would hide the wild blackberry vines.

bamboo screen

Baby Girl thought we could use a few of these colorful spinners in the meadow.

BG & art

If we add one here and there, maybe they’d keep the dear away, and this time of year, the meadow could stand a little color.

We woke to snow blanketing the valley yesterday, so I have a while before I need to get started on any of these ideas, but it’s fun to dream.

Where do you get your inspiration? 


7 thoughts on “Dream a Little Dream

  1. Oh wow, We would have loved to have gone there! Have you seen those wire cages with rocks inside that you can use them for holding up huge mountains (think going over the pass, or I think Pashastin has them to hold up the wall on the way to the freeway) and they use these huge cages of all sizes and we could use several of those on top of each other and then put a recirculating pump and make a very ‘green’ fountain by the door to the boiler room, “where everyone likes to sit”. Sure would give good sound in the meadow. And then remember the wind catchers we saw in Kayenta, Utah? Well, you could use a few of those too, or BGs idea of the red poppies would be even better! And…………….then there were those ultra modern, steel pipes you could cement into the ground and hang your gong on that. Go for it, there are ‘no mistakes in life’!!!

  2. That water feature out of the large stones is awesome!! I get pretty much all of my ideas from Pinterest. I am contemplating expanding my fairie gardening to another spot in the front yard. I really want to create one around the base of our big Maple in the front yard. I have also thought about making it in the flowerbed by our front door. The pluses of the Maple are how fun it will be, I would divide the area into 1/4’s with each section having a different theme, like the beach, a village, the mountains, etc. It could be quite expensive having to use edger bricks (Not sure of the proper name), to divide the yard from the garden. I would also have to add dirt. The positives of the flowerbed area is it is already “bordered” in, it needs an overhall (the wood bench is very broken down). Decisions, decisions.

    • I say go with the spot that will bring you the most joy. If the area by the front greets you and your company, a new garden vs. an old bench would make you smile each time you go by. Maybe tackle one area and it’ll go so well you’ll be inspired to try the other. It’s all a mute point until the weather changes. That’s why we dream.

  3. Oooooh! I love those arbors! But you are so clever to look at the grand displays and take away practical ideas. I love the idea of that bean tower in a veggie patch – very rustic! Thanks for taking us along on yours and BG’s fun day! xoxoxoxoxoxox

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