February Unplugged

Things rarely wind up the way I’ve planned. February has come and gone and most of my big ideas went sideways.

After all, the blogs two-year anniversary was this last week. Maybe I’d host a give away, we’d have bells and whistles, and confetti. I’d have a banner month with the most views eva–getting on my swagger like Baby Girl. Or maybe I’d just spend a few days at home waiting for workers to put in cables and fix the internet after 10 days in the wilderness. I guess it all worked out the way it was meant to be.

Let’s take a look back at February in the Big, White House on the Hill.


I shared my mom’s recipe for chimichangas in Cooking From the Heart. I’d love to say ever since I wrote that post I’ve been cooking fabulous dinners, featuring healthy foods, with heart and soul, but sometimes you settle for gluten-free mac-and-cheese at 8 pm.  I do think life is better when you can take pleasure in those everyday chores, but after 12 hours of volleyball that’s hard to remember.

Since February features Valentines Day, I decided to add a little lace, some beads, some glitz, and a big old red heart to the fireplace and whipped up a Romantic Mantel.

Photo (130)

This is way fussier than I usually go for, but it’s good to give in to your softer side now and then. The branches I found outside the library that made fabulous shadows kept this vignette from being too saccharinely sweet.

Photo (131)

I love the wonder and excitement of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. It was so fun to share it with Baby Girl this year, and I hope you found a little inspiration in Dream a Little Dream.

Copper wheel

Sadly, I’m not going to invest in thousands of dollars worth of lawn art, but I did see some inexpensive metal spinners in Plow & Hearth’s catalog this week. Maybe a few of their confetti spinners would add some whimsy to the meadow and keep the dear away. I could try my hand at fashioning something out of old bicycle tires and spoons. We still have 300-feet of galvanized steel pipe from when we redid the well. It could be just like giant tinker toys. Who knows what you can do if you let your imagination run wild.

The remodel of the upstairs bathroom is a never ending saga. The MR had half the bath tiled in Laying It Down. He’s since added a new, sensibly white, toilet, and tiled most of the remainder of the room. We spent an hour or two today perusing online sinks, vanities, and mirror combos. Oh the joy of indecision–someday we’ll have it all together.


By the by, that heated floor is awesome. The girls are in charge of keeping this room clean, and I don’t venture into it often. This time of year, the bathroom is cold, but when I went to put away towels last week, the room was shockingly warm. Heated floors, are as Martha would say, are a “Good Thing.”

I did get a frenzy of comments on my bathroom post. Apparently, you don’t want us to go too crazy on the wall color, the cabinet color, or the anything else. Don’t worry; we’re way to grounded to just go wild, but I don’t think the cabinets will match the rest of the house. Perhaps we’re tired of all those white cabinets in the kitchen, the den, the master bath, the guest bath, the laundry room, and the upstairs kitchen. You can have too much of a good thing.

This month, we’ve had a little wind, a little snow, a little sun, and a lot of rain. The wind is what gives us the most trouble, especially when it brings down giant trees on the driveway. Since we moved here, I’ve learned to battle ladybugs, cluster flies, and mice, but I haven’t learned to run a chain saw. I’m thankful the MR was still home when Baby Girl found she was trapped by this monstrosity.

Downed Tree

The Windy Weather has also caused troubles in the orchard and the kitchen garden. The new zip ties are holding the fencing in place in the orchard, but I may need to use binder clips instead of clothes pins on my tunnel cloches.

That brings us to our phone woes. Our land line phone service was horrible, so I decided to trade our phone service for high-speed internet for less money. It sounded like a winning plan on paper, until we realized we weren’t even connected to the proper phone box. Somehow we’d been feeding from the neighbors for the last two years. Our simple upgrade was going to require work orders, digging, and time. Don’t they know I have a blog? Don’t they know we’ve become accustomed to our online music service, movies on Roku, and wi-fi on our phones? It was a long 10 days, but it’s definitely Better in the End.

Just for fun, I thought you might like to see just where our phone service had to come from. I’ve mentioned in the past that we have a really long driveway, and for once I wasn’t exaggerating.

phone line 2

I was quite surprised to see the neighbors’ house just through the trees. Their driveway is around the corner, so we rarely see them. And don’t you love that you can see the solar panels and the garden boxes? Our improvements can be seen from satellite–it just makes me happy.

The MR wanted to make sure that the guys laying the wire didn’t cut our driveway, so I showed them how if you take some peg board off the wall in the wine cellar, you have access to one part of the crawl space. All you have to do is walk through this dirty room, stand on a keg of beer (the former owners left behind), and then peak through a hole where you can crawl all the way to the end of the house. They were quite happy to not have to hand dig all along our flower beds.

Now the moment of truth, is the internet service really better? They installed on Thursday morning, but the MR had to work his magic to get the computer running. Then, I was gone all day Friday and all day Saturday, so it’s hard to really say, but so far so good.

And now since I abandoned you for the better part of two weeks, I’m going to make a few predictions for March. I think we’ll do a little sewing and some sewing room organization; if we’re lucky, we’ll have a new mirror, vanity, and sinks installed upstairs; we might fill in the conversation pit, get rid of mauve tile, and get some new carpet; we probably should start some seeds inside and out; we will definitely celebrate Baby Girl’s birthday and Sweet Miss’ return home for Spring Break. I think we’ll enjoy a few sunrises and a few sunsets, too.

Sunrise 2

I woke last week, and the first thing I saw as I left my room was the crescent moon and a brilliant star next to it. As I ran to get me phone, I saw a message from the MR telling me to check out the crazy bright light next to the moon. There’s a reason I love that guy.

It’s going to be a great month. Thanks for sharing it with me. I’ve missed you guys.

What have you been up to in February? Remodeling? Adding some romance? Dealing with the weather or phone companies?


4 thoughts on “February Unplugged

  1. Wow, it was crazy dull without your blogs. You were greatly missed and all that happened around our house was we rushed to the computer every morning to see if you were ‘plugged’ into the internet. Then we just kind of hung out till the next morning’s check. Glad to have you back. Oh, Papa did finish cleaning the carpets. Lovely to get all his paraphernalia off the dining room table. Having 23 ladies over for coffee and a meeting tomorrow, went to Vegas a couple of times for stay-overs. The RooZoo received more than enough money to proceed with their public restroom woes thanks to Zappo’s fund raising talents. We sold lots of ‘our stuff; at an Art Show in Kayenta, UT and I am gearing up for our annual Garage Sale in our garage March 15th to raise money to give scholarships to women wanting to ‘further their education’. But that is about all………NO WAIT!!!!! I found time to view 2 seasons of Downton Abbey, and just received the 3rd season the other day, just in time to completely miss the 4th season.Love that show! Many hours of sewing-while-watching in front of the TV.Totally worth it.

    • Sounds like an action packed month, although I like the idea of you just wasting away waiting for my blog. 🙂

      I’m glad RooZoo is up and running again, and oh so glad someone in my family has finally been turned on to the delights of Downton Abbey. I love that show.

      Have fun with the PEO crowd and good luck with your garage sale.

  2. Gosh! February was a busy month for you – and very frustrating with your phone line and internet woes. I got the giggles when I saw just how far your phone box is from the big white house on the hill – that distance would almost take us into our town! Your mantle decorations looked beautiful this month, as always, and I really loved your trip to the Flower and Garden Show. It’s so frustrating when months don’t go exactly to plan but I love your “press on” attitude – March looks like it’s going to be a month to remember. Enjoy! xoxoxoxoxox

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