Be Prepared

A little advanced planning and foreknowledge can be so helpful in life.

It’s been raining a lot around here lately. OK, so it’s the Pacific Northwest and rain in late winter is nothing new. But eight inches in three days is a little much. The river has overflowed its banks in the lowest spots and the farmlands are flooding.

flooded valley view

I used to worry about the farmers and the animals combined with all that water, but long-time residents are prepared. They’ve lived through flooding before, and they’ll live through flooding again. They’ve got a system for how to handle these things. They’ve built on the highest knoll, valuables are stored up high. When the river road floods, they leave their vehicles on the high ground and use a tractor to ferry back and forth. They’ve got a plan.

I could use a little of that forward thinking. Remember a few months back when a friend gave me these potted plants?

New Corn plants

I thought they’d be a great addition to the plant corner. Once I removed the bags, I discovered cheap green plastic, undersized pots; they had to go. I was sure we could do better than that, so Baby Girl and I headed off to the fabulous nursery down the road.

I found a lovely pair of pots for just $20 each which seemed reasonable, so I brought them home. The corn plants were going to look lovely in these.

new pots 2

And they would have if I’d only had the forethought to measure first. But I was sure these were just the right size–certainly not puny and undersized like the pots the plants were in now.

Plants & Pot

I’d picked out pots that were the same size if not smaller than the original ones–at least they were much better looking.

Just a little preparation would have made all the difference. My note section on my iPhone is filled with little reminders about how much fabric I need for this project and the latest and greatest book I’d like to read. Now I just need to add a note on what size pots the corn plants should have, and then I won’t have to rely on my spotty memory.

Part of the problem may have been the cost of pots, just a little larger… Sometimes, you have to splurge. Instead of taking the pots back, we’ve decided to use them in other ways. I hope by the end of the month all the plants in that corner will be styling new containers.

Ever bought the perfect thing only to bring it home and it’s totally wrong?

(We’ve had less rain the last few days, so I’m hoping the river goes down. I don’t want to belittle the farmers plight, because flooding is serious business, but I am impressed with their ingenuity and resourcefulness. I’d like to be a little more like the farmer.)


7 thoughts on “Be Prepared

  1. I know I have brought the wrong thing home before! I just roll my eyes at myself!

    You are definitely correct about those in flood plains being prepared. We lived in a flood plain when I was young, probably 4-12. Our house was on a man made hill. We had smaller man made hills for animals in case we couldn’t get them evacuated – sometimes things just happen. Especially all those years ago. I have a vague memory of being evacuated by boat one year. My mom, sister, dog, and I in a small motorboat. I think my dad was on the road. That same year some men came in by boat and robbed the homes. My dad was on the news and in the paper talking about what had been stolen from our house.

    While I know my parents didn’t miss the floods when we moved, I missed that home. We had woods, horses, and all kinds of other animals. It was a little girls wonderland.

  2. Re-purposing is great. Those pots are so colorful, you could plant wonderful things in them and line your stairs by the front doors, or on the deck in a cluster with evergreen bushes. Yup, the plants need lots bigger pots……go to AW Pottery in Lynnwood. Good deals there, or really any grocery store has great buys as well

      • The only trouble with your deck, like ours, we get crazy winds at time. We have to tie our big pots to the pillars, but they look so pretty out there, as you know. I too have been making lists since you came, and it is so fun to really scratch something off when the ‘task’ has been completed.

  3. I still remember finding our tomato plants in sad shape rolling around the deck. Tying them to the posts is a great idea. The barbecue still manages to jump the wood braces now and then and make a run for it. 🙂

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