Spring Has Come

I love daffodils–those sunny yellow harbingers of spring. When we first moved in and were facing siding issues, heating issues, flashing issues, plumbing issues, boiler issues, well issues I was a little worried. What had we gotten ourselves into? Then one day in early March, I was greeted by sweet flowers heralding the coming of spring, and I knew it was all going to work out.

Perhaps that’s why this sight makes me smile each year.


We have a hope and a future. Daffodils remind of the coming of sunny days, blue skies, and warm afternoons. God is watching over us, and it’s all going to work out.

Even the flooding of this past week has its silver lining. The valley looks beautiful covered in water reflecting the skies and hills.

Flooded Blue

We’ve been enjoying blossoms inside, too. The plumeria has been putting on a show for the last month.

Plumeria 1

Hoping blue skies and spring flowers are headed your way.


8 thoughts on “Spring Has Come

  1. While not yet at vibrant as your daffodils, all of our cactus are getting bud!!!!! Off of these scraggly looking prehistoric, sticker y, plants come the most beautiful flowers! Most of them are at least the size of salad plates, while some are the size of dinner plates. Fortunately they get lots of buds, as these awesome flowers only last a day. Happy spring!!!!! Today I have 23 ladies bringing their cast offs for the garage sale tomorrow, from 7AM to noon………rather like the mirroring the flowers…..a quick flash of beauty, and whish, they are gone till next year.

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