Signs of Spring

It’s official my friends, I’ve read the signs and spring is here.

  • We’ve celebrated Baby Girl’s birthday.
  • Our lovely Sweet Miss is home for spring break.
  • We spent a sunny afternoon on the deck that started off without turning on the heater or grabbing a blanket.
  • Temps are headed towards the mid-60’s today.
  • The dogs are chasing deer almost every morning.
  • The bulbs are in bloom.
  • And Baby Girl headed off to school in cute little sundress with a flippy skirt.

While I love all these signs of spring, there’s another that speaks of hope and the promise of wonderful things to come. Springtime has reached the orchard, and so far the fencing has kept the deer away.

Blossom Collage

The nectarine tree is covered in beautiful, pink blossoms, and the plumcot and one of the plums are showered in white. The Rescue pear sports fat buds just waiting to burst. I’m certain the apples and the other trees won’t be far behind. The MR fertilized the orchard a few weeks back, and I’ve been mending the fence as needed.

So this year, I’m hoping for sunny weather, lots of bees at just the right time, no late frosts, no deer damage, and a lovely harvest. Last year, we picked two apples, so I’m optimistic–this year is bound to be better.

I love the hope of early Spring.

What’s in bloom at your house?


8 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Well, the desert primroses are budding, as well as several varieties of cacti, The Mesquite trees are leaving out and today’s temp. will be in the low 80!!!!!!! Lots of pruning going on in our yard, the roof guy was here to clean out under the roof tiles, and the other half of the green wall is now also green. Oh………and there are lots of baby geckos running around doing their own clean up. Life springs eternal and spring solstice is evident.

    • Cactus in bloom and baby geckos…what a weird and wonderful world we live in. Your home is just a thousand miles away and in a whole other world.

      I’m jealous of your warm temps; we’re 48-degrees this morning with plenty of rain.

  2. So glad Spring has sprung in your neck of the woods – and I’m so glad I have finally, properly caught up with your blog. Gosh! you’ve had some tough decorating and maintenance decisions lately but some lovely celebrating, too. You look so much like BG in one of her birthday photos – or should that be the other way around!?! Good luck with all the work and decisions – so far so good with the orchid – can’t wait to see what you harvest this season. xoxoxoxoxoxox

    • I find maintenance decisions are easier to make. When you have to do something, we go for it. When it’s simple aesthetics, we get lost in a muddle. All that to say, we’re still up in the air on some of those design decisions.

      Thank you for the compliment–oh to be young and lovely like sweet BG once more.

      Hope your trees are turning colors and that cool autumn breezes are blowing.

  3. Almost nothing blooming here. This weekend I did notice our maple is in bloom. We have seen some signs of flowers popping up, although not at our house yet. I had hoped to clean up our front flower bed last week during spring break, but the days I was home it was just too cold to give me much ambition. I did work on some items for my fairie garden, but lots still to do.

    Your trees are looking great! I so hope this is the upward trend! 🙂

    • My dad was in Kansas a few weeks ago and woke to snow the first morning. Of course it’d been in the 70’s the day before.

      Hope sunny days are headed your way.

      I went running around with my girls yesterday and over the weekend and missed out on the good gardening time. Now it’s wet and rainy, but the weeding will wait.

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