March in Review

Another month of 2014 has gone whizzing past with all the usual ups and downs. In some areas we’ve made wonderful progress and in others nothing has happened at all… I guess that’s all just part of life.

I started the month off asking Why Bother to blog? Why bother to read them? What’s the big deal? For me it’s the wonderful collaboration and sense of community. There are some amazing people out there with fabulous ideas that they freely offer to me and to you. I love that. And if you haven’t downloaded the watercolor app, you’re missing out.

Painted in Waterlogue

I’m also thinking an Easter egg or flower with all her favorite words would make such a cute hall hanging for Baby Girl. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you need to check out the link above.

Oh, and as you may have notice Spring Has Come inside with the blooming of the plumeria, and outside with the beautiful daffodils.


And we can’t forget Signs of Spring in the orchard.

Blooms frame house

Since last year, we harvested all of two apples–I know it was the first year, be patient Kim–this year I’m hoping for a bigger harvest. Since one more fruit of any kind would mean a 50 percent boost in production, I’m fairly confident it’s going to happen. The deer fencing has been doing the trick so far, so knock on wood, cause I’d love a few plums from the orchard this year.

I shared Progress of a Sort which meant ripping out the old sink and vanity and tiling the rest of the floor. While technically it was progress, BG might have called it a major pain. A sink and a mirror are an important part of a bathroom. Thankfully, the new vanity arrived, and while it spent a week or so in the foyer, we finally had two strong boys carry it upstairs, so the MR could install it.

We’re loving the look.

Vanity from the door

Now we just have paint and a few other necessities on the list and that project will be done. Snaps for the MR–he’s awesome.

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you’ve planned. In Be Prepared, I suggested measuring your pots before buying new ones. By the by, I have new pots, but the plants are still waiting to be transplanted.

Plants & Pot

And in Gauging for Success I shared tips and tricks I learned in a recent class for making your knitting and crochet projects go more smoothly. Whether you’re into fiber arts or not, I highly recommend taking a course on your favorite hobby–you’re bound to learn something new.

In Forwarned, I talked about the septic tank–everyone’s favorite topic. But I did learn some important things. If an alarm is going off, you have really big trouble. With Sweet Miss away at school, we can push out our pumping schedule. Our filter was having issues, so the nice man replaced it for us, cause I don’t want to deal with that. And finally, we have some trees to take out and some brambles to remove to keep things running smoothly.

DBox in the Brambles

Just in case you’re having trouble seeing it, the D-box is right here. Just look at the arrow.

DBox up close

I’d prefer to remove some brambles in the hopes of retaining a happy, functioning drain field.

And now for the biggest news of all. I mentioned we went shopping for carpet in Down the Rabbit Hole. Well, we’re no closer to getting carpet than we were a few months ago. That’s because the nice owner of the carpet store told us not to get carpet before we took care of our tile issue; we have a mauve border tile that’s all kinds of ugly. She had a contractor that does good work–unfortunately, he wanted nothing to do with removing 104 linear feet of ugly tile installed over radiant heat floors. Damaging our only means of heat downstairs frankly frightens me, so we looked at some other options. We have a very modern style of home, so maybe concrete, or the look of concrete would work for us. That’s were Semcore came in. Since that post, we’ve been to the showroom, Kenji made us sample, and we wrote a check. Holy Cow! Can you believe it? We’ve actually made a decision–sometimes our lack of decisiveness drives me crazy. I’m a Libra; I can see the ups and downs of every situation.

After the showroom, which was in the basement of a rundown hotel on the Seattle waterfront (Can you say sketchy?), the MR had a few reservations. But the samples Kenji brought last week did the trick.

By the molding

The samples are only slightly darker than the tile itself, but they set off the baseboards so nicely. And just look at the difference next to the mauve.

In contrast to the mauve

We’ll still have a walkway encircling the main floor, but it will all be one color. We’ve talked about having more movement or color in the kitchen and dining area, and today the MR was looking at adding something interesting to the entry. The coating is 1/8-inch thick and will not impact the heating system. It expands and contracts and totally solves our grout issue (which varies from very clean to very dirty), and requires no demo. Some of the tile isn’t level which will require a little sanding, but about 90 percent is quite flat. Yeah for a 20-year-old house built on a hill with steel girders. The owner wants buy in at every point in the process, so if we want more color, he’ll add it, or if we want it smoother, he’ll sand it down.

April has a lot of exciting things in store. Can’t wait to share them with you.

What have you been up to this month? Remodeling bathrooms? Changing floors? Taking classes? Routine maintenance? Getting into the season?





7 thoughts on “March in Review

  1. Phew! What a busy month at thebigwhitehouseonthehill! Love the signs of Spring and your beautiful evolving bathroom. I think your plans for the floor are stunning. Good luck with it all and can’t wait to see where April takes you. xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Great blog! I really like the idea of covering the existing tile with a new color………but, do I understand that even though the tile walk comes from the master bedroom, and makes a path to the dining room, kitchen, then spreads out to the bottom of the stairs to the girls suite, while the other part spreads out to the front entrance, and hall, it won’t all be the same color? So with no doorways, where would you stop one color and then start another? Just wondering if that flow would now become a start/stop/start again differently. Hmmmmm, think I need a visual aid.

    • The plan is to keep it all the same except for the laundry room (maybe a touch darker in there. We may have less movement on the walkways and more in the entrance or dining area. Kenji wants buy in at each step in the process. It definitely won’t be startand stop

  3. I didn’t think it would be start and stop, but just wanted to clarify it for myself. It is a super great idea, and just with the name Kenji involved, you gotta know it is going to be wonderful! Aloha!

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