Time for a Break

My sweet girls have spring break off-set by a week. That means we have two weeks of fun-filled, jam-packed days.

We’ve shopped for spring, made new recipes, got a new hair color, had pedicures and facials, traveled to Spokane, and it’s only half-way over.

Me and the Girls

Oh, and we’ve watched a lot of volleyball. You may be under the impression this sport is all about amazing hits and incredible serves. I’m here to tell you it’s about hugs.


And secret handshakes. I love the team spirit.

Secret Handshake

Some day we’ll get an amazing picture of Baby Girl with her super intense game face–have I told you I love that kid?

Anyways, this 40-plus woman is being run ragged trying to keep up with her girls, so I’m just going to sit back and enjoy life for a bit.  Don’t worry. I’ll be back in a week all rested and refreshed with all sorts of fun things to tell you about.

Maybe, we should have a stage coach with hollow horses in the meadow.

Wild Horses

It’s amazing the things you see when you stop for dinner on the way home. Have a great week.

What’s keeping you busy these days?



7 thoughts on “Time for a Break

    • You are very kind. People never thought I resembled my mom growing up, so it’s fun to actually have children who favor me (and the MR too).

      I think I’m going to have to sign up for a metal working class so I can make some fun things for the meadow.

  1. I miss spring break with a house full of kids. We always did fun little things. Although my adult spring break a couple of weeks ago was a lot of fun, just taking off on a whim to do something.

    I think you should definitely go for the coach! 😉

    • Lazy days with little teenies always bring back fond memories. In a few years, Baby Girl will be off and we’ll miss all the excitement.

      Glad you had fun on your adult spring break.

      If only I had the resources just to tell an artist I want horses and a stage coach for the meadow and could just write a check… The MR has been wanting me to get rid of some old bikes. Maybe they could be the start if something really cool.

  2. Ohhhhhwwwwhhhhheeeeee! I love the red hair! Now you and I really look related. I think using the bikes to make wind-thingys for the meadow is a great idea. Plus I hope you have some of those copper tubing things left for another wind chime that is actually stuck in cement in the meadow, so when the wind blows through them, they make beautiful sounds. Coming in June, we have lots of fun ideas. You could use those same tubes for making the ‘thing’ to hold the gong as well. MeeMee

    • I totally took a page out of your book. SM informed me that she was going for traffic cone orange and then amended it to lip red. I’m so glad I had no idea beforehand.

      Art in the meadow may just be our project for your visit in June.

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