Home Again

Did you know it’s National Poetry Writing Month–AKA NaPoWriMo? When I spieled that off, the MR just looked at me and shook his head. (After 26 years, I can still surprise that man.) So in my week of silence, I came up with a little something just for you.

The Big White House on the Hill
is a wonderful place and still,

We’ve the world to explore;
Our goal to see more.

‘Cross the sea in the sun we do roam.
In the end hearts kindle to home.

As you may have guessed, spring break involved a little travel. With Sweet Miss, we drove five hours east for Baby Girl’s volleyball tournament. Then she went back to school, and the rest of us flew five hours south and west to Kauai for a little sand and sun. After 12 days on the go, we were more than ready to be home.

Baby Girl’s birthday flowers didn’t fair well in our absence.

Dead Flowers

Back-to-back trips with just a few hours sleep in between are not my forte. I need to work on that organization thing.

We did come home to a few pleasant surprises. The amaryllis, which has a mind of its own, decided to bloom in our absence. And don’t tell the Christmas cactus that it’s almost Easter; I love its dangling pink flowers.


And remember last year when I potted up a bunch of ranunculus to add color to the mantel? (Check out Springtime Charm.) It’s OK; I forgot about them too, until about a month ago. They were on the potting bench and all dried out, so I moved the planter to the garden next to the garage where they got totally flooded by all our March rain. I dumped out the inch of standing water, and then moved them to the garage to dry out. Finally, after trying to wither them and then drown them, I figured it was worth a shot to bring them inside and give them a little dose of heat and sun. It’s a good thing these guys are hardy, or they’d never get over all the neglect. So while they’re a little behind, they are coming up.


I saw vibrant orange and yellow ranunculus in bloom at the grocery store yesterday, but I resisted. Next year, I’ll have to write myself a note, so I can force them to flower sooner.

I was concerned that a few weeks without dogs might encourage deer to visit the orchard. I’m thankful that I haven’t found any new nibblings. Maybe the deer have decided to leave our trees alone. The pear tree is covered in fluffy, white blooms.

Pear & House

And I’m excited (as are the dogs) to see all the blossoms on the blueberry and currant bushes.


In all honesty, they don’t really care about the berries, the dogs were feeling quite needy after we abandoned them for 12 days. Bogart’s feet turned green from being outside so much, and Cocoa escaped from her pen and had a rather awful encounter with a chicken–awful for the chicken that is. I guess the MR wins, we won’t be getting hens any time soon.

And what was I doing while I was away–besides sunning by the pool, admiring the lush gardens, dining at fancy restaurants, catching up with friends, snorkeling and sailing, and being oh so lazy–I was shopping. It’s so fun to come home to packages.


Don’t worry, you’ll get to see what’s inside soon.

And just in case we miss Hawaii in all its beauty, our plumeria is still putting on a show.


And now, my cupboards are bare, the laundry is piled up, suitcases need to be put away, my garden is calling, and it might be time for breakfast, or lunch–with the three hour time change, it’s so hard to tell.

What have you been up to while I was away? What’s your favorite go to travel spot?


3 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. We have been celebrating our 51st wedding anniversary; getting ready to do a show this weekend, working in the yard, going to birthday parties, and looking forward to my MR birthday next week…..77 is a good age.

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