Chaos Reigns

 My mom was a force to be reckoned with. I remember when I was in college, my folks decided to have their kitchen and bathroom cabinets refaced.

That meant clearing everything out of all the drawers and cupboards. Our dining room was filled to overflowing with pots ands pans, boxes of food, dishes and small appliances.

When Monday morning rolled around, and the workers called to say they had a scheduling issue and wouldn’t be able to come until next week, my mom blew a gasket. There was no way on earth that was going to happen.

Sure enough, they had a fellow out there that same morning. Apparently, that company didn’t know who they were dealing with. You simply didn’t say no to Donna Fisher.

After all these years, you may be wondering why that incident came to mind. Well, we’re not redoing cabinets, but we are redoing floors. (Remember the samples I showed you a few weeks back?) That means we’ve moved tables and chairs, desks and carts, benches and rugs, plants, toilets, sinks, and the washer and dryer.

Tile Cleared Collage

Everything seems so wide open and clear. Baby Girl came home from school last week, and said that our house looked empty. Yes…and no. 

When you clear all those spaces, all that stuff has to go somewhere. We moved all the furniture in the great room closer together, filled the guest room to overflowing, and hauled the rest out to the garage.

Crowded Collage 2

In other words, chaos reigns. And now my mom’s angst all those years ago makes so much more sense. At the time, I thought it was no big deal; we’d just have to live with the mess until the company could take care of the job. Now that it’s my home, I’m going a little crazy with everything jumbled together and out of place.

I’m not the only one who’s concerned about all the change.

 My Posse

Cocoa and Bogart haven’t a clue what’s going on, but they have been enjoying a lot of together time with me today. One of the workers (Kenji and his crew showed up right on time) is afraid of dogs, so we’ve been holed up in the sewing room together for most of the day.

The team is hoping to finish up our floors by the end of the week. We sure hope they’re right.

Any remodeling going on at your house? When things are out of place, do you get out of sorts?


3 thoughts on “Chaos Reigns

  1. Any remodeling you ask……well, we planted 3 tomato plants today; started repairing the water damaged wall under the glass block wall in the dining room, packing to go to Vegas to the retina Doc.; and staying over to celebrate Papa’s 77th birthday; cleaning up and putting away from a local show we did this weekend; and Papa went to the court house to talk about the car license I forgot to pay/get way back in Nov. Other than that, it has been a pretty quiet day……..Happy Holy Week… starts out promising, gets really tense, then horribly awful and ends in changing the world, for ever. Through the pain and suffering of one, we all are saved, Thank you, MeeMee

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