Spring Clearing and Planting

Last weekend was one of those idyllic spring weekends. Birds sang, temperatures soared, and the sun shone brightly on the green grass.

Saturday, the MR was on call, so me and Baby Girl headed off in the wee hours for a volleyball tournament an hour-and-a-half down the road. In the evening, when we returned home, the MR proudly asked if I saw what he’d done. I looked out on the meadow, but to be honest whatever it was totally escaped me.

Cleared Tree 2


Did you mow? I queried. No–I was at a loss. Now years ago, the MR and Sweet Miss took me out to the backyard after a weekend away to show me what the MR had done. It took me 15 minutes to stop wandering around the vegetable garden and realize that the swing set next to it was totally gone. I’m not always that observant.

Thankfully, the MR didn’t make me play 20 questions. He’d taken out the tree on the drain field as the serviceman had recommended back in March. I’d suggested that the tree was made up of a dozen trunks; I was sadly mistaken. The MR figured he cut down around 30. Let’s take a closer look.

Close Up of Clearing from the Deck

We don’t have too many blackberries on the drain field, after all, but we have a few more trees on the edges that should be removed. After wielding a chainsaw for a few hours, the MR didn’t have the energy to cut up all the tree trunks and dispose of them (i.e., throw them down the hill). That will be a job for another day.

The next afternoon, I did make it down across the meadow to check it out.

Pile of debris

I won’t have to go to the gym next week; I can just toss logs into the forest for a few hours. Just to give you some perspective, here’s the house from that part of the meadow.

House from Tree Clearing 1

Who needs to seek out exercise when you can walk up and down that hill a few times? Walk up and down we did, as me and the MR planted the garden on Sunday afternoon.

I had big plans to clear all the counters inside in preparation for the floor work. I was sure I’d have time to plant the garden when I was trying to entertain the dogs over the next few days. Unfortunately, the workers needed to open the doors, and one of the fellows had a fear of dogs, so we’ve spent a lot of this week cooped up in the garage.

Besides, who want to clean house when you can be outside working on a beautiful sunny day? The MR had bought some topsoil earlier in the week and added that to the garden beds along with some nitrogen. We’re hoping for better luck this year; I don’t think it can be much worse.

We planted peas, lettuce, beets, carrots, and spinach in the raised beds. I was excited to find most of my garden marker stones from last year. I think they look quite festive like colorful Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the garden.

Garden Bed 2

Then to try and ward off evil critters, we planted a row of scallions around the bed in the ground. Maybe the rabbits and squirrels will decide this stinky garden is not for them.

Onion border

We’ve talked about adding more area to the garden terracing down the slope, but that’s still in the future. I’ve read that potatoes are good for breaking up sod, so the MR dug a few holes and planted some fingerlings just outside the fence.

Outside potato hills

When it warms up a bit, I’ll be planting some of the heat loving space hogs next to the potatoes. I love the idea of pumpkins and zucchini trailing down the slope. We still have plans for beans and tomatoes, and the MR brought home some broccoli starts last night.

For now, it’s a waiting game. At least I have the perfect vantage point from which to watch.

Garden from Deck 2

Have you planted your garden? Any yard maintenance going on?



4 thoughts on “Spring Clearing and Planting

  1. I am so excited about your garden, and the work that MR did to surprise you. Papa planted 25 different perennial roots last week all over the yards/front and back, and they are showing signs of growth. More and more cacti are blooming, and the purple ones have literally hundreds of blooms on the tips of the paddles. Thankful BG’s sign is right in the middle of the pointy sticker-y
    cactus, “Everything has beauty,but not everyone sees it” Such a thoughtful and far-sighted little girl. MeeMee.

  2. Ooops! I’m so behind with my blog reading, but so pleased I finally caught up with thebigwhitehouseonthehill!! You and the Mr have been super busy – and I’m so keen to see how your veggies fare this year. I often think we’ve got a lot of property to maintain – and then I see yours! It’s so big and beautiful. You are absolutely right about not needing a gym membership. All the best with all your work and a very Happy Easter to you and yours!! xoxoxoxoxox

    • T&T, we had a lovely Easter! Hope you and yours did as well. At our last home (1/3 of an acre), the MR worked hard to keep all but a few corners looking beautiful. Now at least, he only tries to beautify bits and pieces. We love it just the same, and I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the foxgloves. They were such a wonderful surprise that first May.

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