It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

A couple months ago, I was chatting with a fellow who works at the local hardware store about the weather as I was heading to my car. That’s when I decided that it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Do you carry peg board? I said innocently, although I’d already scoured the aisles of his store. He told me that they didn’t sell the board, but they did have the pegs. They’re not much good without the board, I quipped back. That’s when he told me to wait a minute, he could help me out.

Back inside, he showed up at the cash register with a large sheet of peg board. It was a little worse for wear, but for five bucks I’d take it. Oh, and while I was at it I picked up a few of those pegs, too.

I’ve been thinking it’s time to organize the sewing room. I can pretend that it’s always neat and tidy like when I made this big reveal.

Lots of storage, so I can attempt to stay organized.

But sometimes I get all creative and random and my supplies just seem to explode. I blamed it on all the plants we were trying to overwinter in there, but that’s just silly. They’ve been gone for months, and it’s still a jumbled mess.

messy craft room2

It was time to add something besides book art, and peg board seemed like a great idea.

Asking a simple question had been so effective before, I decided to try it again. So I asked the MR if we had a stud finder. Sure enough, we did, and he gave me a little lesson on how to use it. I figured this was definitely a two-man/woman job, so I was waiting for an afternoon when Baby Girl had some free time, but before I knew it, the MR had my peg board up on the wall centered between the windows. It was perfect–almost.

You see the MR didn’t realize the board was primed and painted on one side and just press board on the other. I figured it would be fine and started organizing. An old curtain rod would come in handy for holding reals of ribbon.


But then every time I saw it, I wished the painted side was out. It seemed so silly to waste time on it, but it was just bugging me. So with some help from Baby Girl, we did a little switcheroo. In order to be able to use all the same holes to fasten it to the wall, we flipped the board vertically rather than horizontally.

old side

Unfortunately, the painted side looked a little old and yellowed. We have a ton of sample paints from when we were trying to decide on what color to paint the great room, so I figured that could be remedied really quick. One coat of Benjamin Moore’s Simply White had the peg board looking bright and fresh.


Fresh white

I added some hooks, drilled holes in cups, hung them up, and thought wow it’s going be great. But it just wasn’t. Perhaps that’s why this post has been languishing for months, and I never quite got around to taking a picture of a bunch of ho-hum, white cups hanging on a peg board.

Then last week, we were invaded by the floor guys. What’s a body to do when it’s rainy and yucky outside and your stuck in the garage with two dogs? Retreat to the sewing room, crank up the space heater, and get busy.

My plan was to recover a few pillows for the couch and finish up some other projects, but my sewing machine conked out on me. With it back in the shop, I started organizing. I added a little decorative washi tape to the cups and trimmed out the peg board, added bows to buckets, and hung some party favor boxes from Target. Suddenly my little peg board looked oh-s0-fab.

New Decorated Peg Board

With projects in bags lining the edge, I have a visual reminder of what to do next. I covered the clipboard with some scrapbook paper using spray-mount adhesive. To finish off my not-so-perfect job, I added a little more of the washi tape. Now I have an actual list of ideas and things I want to do; I was surprised by the number of half-way done projects I unearthed in my organization efforts.

I said goodbye to the thick, wool rug that served as a magnet for pins, threads, and bits of fabric and took a hard look at the shelving unit. I have a lot of space that could be better used.

Shelving Unit

It needs a lot of work, but for now, I added some labels to boxes just to help me remember what I’ve got going on. Lately, I’ve picked up some really beautiful yarn without a definite project in mind. Taking a picture with my phone and displaying them on the ends of boxes helps me see my options.

labeled boxes

I have big plans for the sewing room. Graphic, black-and-white, peel-and-stick floor tiles might be just the thing for this space. A little paint, some curtains at the windows, and suddenly, my retreat could look quite lovely, vibrant, fun, funky, and creative. It’s getting there–don’t you worry.

Any organizing and beautifying going on at your house? What do you do when your trapped in a small space with two large-ish dogs?




6 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

  1. Oh, I really like what you have done so far to the sewing room! I do think if you surround yourself with anything you are proud of, it only leads to more inspiration and accomplishments of pride. Do not be in a hurry to ‘get things done’, just enjoy the beauty of the journey, knowing that the journey will really never “get done”. I think putting in a peal and stick floor is an excellent idea. Am thinking that your occasionally used items might be better in another, less excessive, shelving thus make more room to have your ‘use all the time’ items closer at hand. We too are ‘deep cleaning and organizing’ our home in preparation for our summer/fall activities. We have a friend stopping my occasionally, who also looks after many other homes around town, plus cleans many more, so want to have things ship-shape just in case. In your ‘organizing’ I hope you have not gotten rid of all the copper piping, for I do think it will come in handy for the frame around the gong…….just my frugality showing.

    • I’m afraid you’re right that it will really never get done, but I am enjoying the journey. It’s all good. We still have the galvanized steel pipes from the well re-do–not sure if that will work for the gong, but we’ll have fun figuring it out.

  2. The peg board is gorgeous! You’ve done a terrific job. Isn’t it so much better when your half-finished projects are right in front of your nose reminding you to make some time. Very inspirational. I will take a keen interest in how you organise your shelves because we have a bit of a similar set up in the study – and I couldn’t have put it better myself: “I have a lot of space that could be better used.” xoxoxoxoxox

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