A Whole New Look

After dealing with noise, dust, yards and yards of plastic, and a whole lot of angst, the floors are done, and we love them.

The MR redid the hardwoods at the old house, and we dealt with a week’s worth of painters here, so I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. I had no idea; sometimes I am very naive. We had tile in every room downstairs except the guest bedroom and the mechanical room. All four sets of french doors and three other outside doors open onto tile. We have a four-foot wide pathway around the whole main floor. Let’s just say we have a lot of tile.

And since we live out in the boonies, the workers from Seattle wanted to finish the job up quickly. While we were totally thrilled with that, the long days got really long.

Monday, they put down scratch-coat and then another product. They left our room and the landing to the stairs at just one coat, so we could have access after a few hours. That night, Baby Girl went to her room, and I climbed over the deck railing to get to mine. The MR was worried about Bogart, so they took the long way around together. We got up in the morning to smelly, very white and bumpy floors. The MR was looking for smooth, and we both had a big case of buyer’s remorse. What in the world were we doing?

Well, it only got worse. Next thing you know, everything was covered in plastic, and the workers are sanding away at the floors.

Great Room & Plastic


Little Buddy had no idea how to get from here to there, and to be honest I wasn’t doing much better. When the team finally started putting down color, I breathed a sigh of relief. This was all going to work out.

So here’s a little look at our kitchen before, during, and after.

Kitchen Collage

Let’s move on to the dining room with its huge expanse of tile.

Dining Room Floor Collage

It’s a big change from all the busyness of the tile with grout lines going in all directions. The pictures make the floors look so flat, but they really have a lot of movement and interesting detail. Here’s an up-close look, so you can get a better idea.

Detail Shot 2


We redid the floors in the entry, the dining room, kitchen, hallway, walkway, master bedroom, powder room, laundry room, pantry, and guest bathroom. Perhaps that’s why our whole world was in chaos.

Finished Floors Collage

I’ve been leery of putting down rugs and moving furniture back. I’m know I’m being overly-cautious–the MR did point out that they use this coating on driveways–it’s just an expensive process and I don’t want to mess it up.

Talking with Sweet Miss yesterday, I told her that I liked the floors, but I was worried about how others would feel about them. She asked if this wasn’t our retirement home, so why let it bother you? Baby Girl said the floors are modern and edgy; she’s never seen anything like them.

She’s right. They’re cool, easy to clean, warm, and interesting. We’re happy, and sometimes that’s all that matters. And I’ll never have to go through last week again. That’s a bonus, right Cocoa-Bean?

What is going on

By the way, this is my 300th post. Thank you to all the loyal followers who’ve stuck with me for the last few years, and thank you to everyone who just drops by now and then. I appreciate your support.

Any home renovations going on at your house? How would you deal with crazy mauve tile?

(Kenji and his crew from Home Tech Design did an awesome job. While you can stay at home during the work, I wouldn’t recommend it; it’s just a noisy, dusty, messy process.) 




11 thoughts on “A Whole New Look

  1. Yahoooooooooooooooo! I love it and totally agree with BG’s comment. Very edgy. It looks so vast now, like a skating rink, which you could probably do now that there are no bumps of tile against grout to contend with. Am so excited to see it. Oh my and the cleaning will be so easy too. Congratulations on a very wonderful idea…that you followed up on.

  2. Looks great!!!! Good choice! Did they remove the old tile, or was this something they did over the top? Is carpet next? I think I caught some areas with carpet still.

    • We had a few uneven areas (near the door to the garage), that they sanded down a bit, but the whole thing is a 1/8-inch coating over the existing tile. So no removal, no huge trip to the land fill, just a lot of plastic and dust. It’s even a water-based product, so we had to be careful about the moisture for a few days, but now we’re good to go.

      So this is the only flooring in the entry, dining room, and kitchen. In the great room, it makes up a four-foot walkway around the edge, so yes we’re looking at carpet. Unfortunately, we still have to have the area around the fireplace (the conversation pit) filled in. When that minor remodel is done, we can finally get rid of the crazy green carpet. It’s just this never ending spiral…

      • We, who are following your blog, love your “never ending spiral”, and are applauding you all the way!!

  3. I think it looks amazing! What a difference. You are doing some amazing things to the beautiful bigwhitehouseonthehill. I live vicariously through your incredible renovations. Congratulations on your 300th post. What an achievement! xoxoxoxoxoxox

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