Bringing Spring Indoors

It’s amazing how a little color can change the whole mood of a room. While I haven’t pulled out all my spring and summer decor, I did manage to add some color and whimsy to the pillows.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that I’ve been searching for fabric for the entry benches for forever. I’ve looked at greens and grays and golds, but nothing seemed quite right. I decided a trip to one of our local independent stores (Pacific Fabrics and Crafts) might be the answer.

Well, they had lots of beautiful fabrics, but the bench fabric still eluded me. But I did see some really cute, cheery fabric with birds and birdhouses, cherries and branches. It was whimsical and fun and totally wrong for the benches, so I passed it up and kept looking.

Sometimes when something speaks to your heart, you just have to get it. Sure enough, a few weeks later, I was back to buy a little fabric that wasn’t modern or sleek or big, white house-ish. But it spoke to me of spring–kind of like Baby Girl’s Easter bouquet.

Easter Bouquet

I decided to give it a little edge by adding black trim, and that’s where things sat for a few months.

Spring Fabric with Black Trim

You see the beige background had just a hint of pink and none of the material I had on hand would work. I’d bought enough fabric to use for both sides, but I was hoping for a little extra, because I had something else in mind. So like I said, it all just sat in the sewing room while I waited for inspiration.

Then it hit me. If you don’t like the right-side, maybe the wrong-side will do. I have tons of old curtains from our last house that are just waiting to become something fabulous. While gold diamonds certainly wouldn’t work, the backside was creamy, marbled, a little iridescent, and just about perfect.

Two sides of back


I like making pocket pillow covers, since you don’t have to pay for a zipper, they don’t require hand-sewing, and the pillow form slips in easily. I’ve been following Celebrate Creativity for a month or two. She has some really wonderful ideas and recently showcased a Jacobean pillow with gorgeous embroidery on one side and just a little something-something on the other (check it out here).

I wasn’t up for any embroidery, but I did think a thick black band on the back of the pillow would add a little pizzazz. I had some fabric leftover from Baby Girl’s Halloween costume ages ago and decided it had just the right amount of sheen.

I cut a three inch strip, sewed the right-side of the black fabric to the wrong-side of the back of the pillow, and then ironed it flat.

Creating Back Band 2

Then I flipped the freshly ironed fabric to the right-side, folded the strip of black in half on itself, ironed it, and then folded it over again and sewed it into place. I’d love to show you photos, but somehow I forgot to take any after the first step. I hope it all makes sense. Since the black fabric was lighter weight than the drapery fabric, I didn’t want it to stand on its own at the edge.

For the front of the pillow, I used a zipper foot to attach the trim to the birdy tapestry.

Applying Trim 3


Then you just make a sandwich with right-sides together of the front of the pillow and the two overlapping pieces of the back. After sewing around the outside, clip the corners (to give them a sharper point), and turn the whole thing right-side out.

If it looks good, stuff the pillow, and you’re good to go. I turned the smaller half of the back wrong-side out again, slipped in the pillow, and then flipped it all right-side out–easy as can be.

Stuffing the Pillow 2Now let’s just take a look of my lovely new pillow in place.

Finished Bird Pillow closer

If one’s good, two must be better, so I actually made two of these lovelies. Baby Girl was on the couch, so you’ll have to just take my word for it. And I know you’re dying to find out how the back of the pillow turned out.

Back Band Surprise

It reminds me of the tuxedo stripe down a pant leg; I’m rather in love. If the front-side of the pillow winds up getting rumpled, I’ll had a few snaps along the band to keep everything in place.

And since I was in the sewing mood, I decided to finish up one of my old projects. I have a green, leaf-motif scarf that I love the texture and pattern of. A few years ago, I decided to make up “mini” scarves to decorate a pillow. Once the scarves were made, the project kind of got side-tracked. Are you noticing a pattern?

I ran across the scarves when I was trapped in the sewing room with the dogs a few weeks ago. I decided it was a really great idea and that I’d finish up that pillow. I have plenty of old drapes, so I hand-sewed the mini scarves to a piece of fabric and sewed on a matching back. Unfortunately, I was off on my measurements, so the pillow wasn’t fitting nicely. I used my machine to add a band of faux-suede to the bottom and hand-sewed it closed. It’s not quite how I imagined it, but maybe it’s just a wee bit better.

Leaf Scarf Trim Pillow 2

I love the texture of that crochet pattern. A new pillow or two can add so much brightness and light and just pull a space together. Laundry baskets on the dining room table on the other hand don’t do the trick as well.

More Spring Pillows

OK, so it’s morning, Baby Girl has vacated the couch, so here’s one last look at the my sweet little bird pillows.

Pillows 005

What are you sewing up? Adding any springtime whimsy to your home?




6 thoughts on “Bringing Spring Indoors

  1. So glad you listened to your heart and bought the fabric! It is wonderfully perfect, and I love it for the entry also however, if lots of kids wearing new jeans actually sit on it to put on their shoes, it might discolor. Like that all your pillows are unique, and have stories to go with them.Yes, spring is here too, and Papa has finished all his copper and has it all over the ‘great room’, so we are hosting a preview of his work next Tue. for friends in Mesquite, and possible a couple from UT. It is a win/win because what they don’t buy, we will take the rest on our Art Shows to WA, MT, ID and MO.

  2. I really like the bird pillows. One of these days I, too, will make some pillow covers. Yours always turn out so nicely, and I get inspired, but then I don’t seem to do anything about the inspiration. I need to quit being worried that mine won’t turn out as well as yours, and just measure, cut, and sew. Thanks for inspiring me.

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