Tomato Time

The first year we moved in, we had fellows redoing the lower deck, fellows installing a heat pump, fellows replacing the siding, fellows working on the well, and fellows painting the outside of the house. Somehow, it just seemed better to stay inside and out of their way.

With all that work, we put gardening on a back burner, and settled for some cherry tomatoes on the deck. Last year, you may remember, we moved tons of man-made stones to make two planting beds and had abysmal luck with our garden.

I thought maybe it was time to enjoy the best of both worlds. We could still grow cherry tomatoes for snacking on the deck and grow a few sauce tomatoes in the garden. So last week at the annual FFA plant sale, I picked up some plants, and on Wednesday I added a few more from the hardware store.

Between me and the MR, the cherry tomatoes were all potted up, but they needed some support.

Tomatoes Before on the Deck

Now, if something’s going to take up real estate on the deck where I have to look at it, it’s gotta be cute. So I picked up a few shiny purple cages, and now our cherry tomatoes are set.

New Purple Cages

In the past, we’ve had the pots out on the edge of the deck, but strong winds have wreaked havoc. This sight makes me crazy.

Tipped Tomatoes

With those taken care of, that still left the sauce tomatoes to be planted. Sounds easy, right?

Garden Tomatoes

Well, I had a plan. Back at our last house, I’d grown gigantic tomatoes planting them out early and using Wall O Water season extenders. I know it’s May, but the weather around here is capricious at best. Last week it was in the 80’s; and this week, it’s in the 50’s. Overnight lows are in the 40’s, and these heat-lovers would just stop growing if I put them outside unprotected.

Wall O Water are plastic rings made up of individual tubes that you simply fill with water. The water picks up heat throughout the day and keeps the plant warm at night. The one problem was the lack of a spigot down by the garden. The MR put in sprinklers last year, but we don’t have a tap anywhere near it.

That’s OK. With Baby Girl’s help, I came up with a plan: run the hose off the deck, fill a tub with water, and then carry it in a watering can back and forth to the tomatoes over, and over, and over again.

Hose & Bucket & Watering Can

Bogart got tired just watching me.

You may be wondering why I didn’t just fill up the Wall O Waters and carry them to the plants. Well, they’re quite heavy and unwieldy and could smash the plants if I wasn’t careful. That’s past experience talking.

Anyways, After a lot of back and forth, I planted the tomatoes, supported the Wall O Waters with garden stakes, and filled them with water.

Wall of Water Collage

Now we just have to hope for sunshine and wait for those tomatoes that taste of summer and home.

Are your tomatoes in? Ever used Wall O Waters?

The dogs can’t understand why I’d want to take pictures of plants when they’re around.

Dog & Tomato Collage

You can read about our first “garden in the sky” (here) and building the garden beds (here). Our just click on the gardening category to read the whole tale.





9 thoughts on “Tomato Time

  1. I have never heard of “wall of water”, but it is such a good idea, and very pretty to look at. We planted all 3 tomato plants in one of our huge pots on the patio and they are growing great and each has several tomatoes. Last week we put a cage in and they now look so ‘organized’ and smell so good, and the wild wind we have had the last 2 weeks has not bothered them at all.

  2. Love the Wall O Waters! I wonder if they sell such a thing here. So clever. And I love the purple tomato cages. You come up with some really wonderful ideas. Best of luck with your tomatoes this year. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • With all your heat, I don’t think you need the walls O water. You might need shade cloth like my inlaws who live in the desert southwest. It’s 80 F. (26 C) here today and I’m melting. I bought mine on Amazon.

      • I think you are correct. Last year (our first for tomatoes) we planted in a pot in the sun…….wrong. This year they are next to a pillar in the shade. Doing much, much better.

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