Cleaning Up the Outdoors

We’ve been enjoying a few days of sunshine around here and have turned our attention to the outdoors. We have a little problem with weeds. They grow like crazy all winter long, and once springtime rolls around, they’ve taken over.

The past few days, I’ve been cleaning out the northern planting bed. I’m happy to say I’ve made the first run down the length of the driveway.

Barberry line


The MR has been spraying the weeds and shaping up the bushes, but that still leaves a lot of weeds nestled in amongst the candytuft. Each of those little white bushes looked a lot like this before I got started.

Weedy candytuft Next year, I’m going to try and get outside early, so I can do the heavy weeding before the MR starts pruning. The barberry thorns are killer on my hands.

I’ve also been adding a little color to the flowerbeds along the portico and the front of the house. The portico planters present their own special set of problems. The plants have to do well in mostly shade with dry conditions. I picked up some sedums at the FFA plant sale along with a flowering ground cover (thunbergia alta) and am hoping they do well.

Portico flower bed


I also added some zinnias and some pink, flowering ground cover to the flower beds outside the master suite. Side flower bed


The vine we picked up last year appears to have died, and the MR talked me out of moving the little bench to the deck this early. Our sunny days will be turning to rain soon–it’s only May, you know. I’m hoping for a riot of beautiful color before the summer is over. The chives and sage I planted when we moved in are growing by leaps and bounds. It’s true; deer don’t appear to eat them.

While this flowerbed is far from where I want it to be, all I have to do is look back at where we started to feel better. (Check out Taming the Wild to see all the ugly befores.)

Area Desperately In Need of Help

While I’ve been busy with my projects, the MR has had a few of his own. He added a permanent gate to the fence around my kitchen garden. I no longer have to peel back a length of fencing wire and then try and get it back in place low to the ground.

Gate 2

Currently, little bits of wire still stick out of the end, but the MR has plans to install an extra piece of wood to the fence post to keep the evil varmints at bay. As you can see, our broccoli is doing well. The beets and spinach are also growing, but I’ve had to replant the peas, and I broke down and bought some lettuce starts. I hope we win our battle against the bunnies, squirrels, birds, and slugs this year.

After taking this picture, I turned to go back inside and noticed all the crazy angles of the deck against the roof line and the blue, blue sky. This truly is a pretty place.

House Angles

The MR has also been recoating the roof. After the leak last month, I guess he figured it was time. With the install of the solar panels last year, a fresh coating will help keep us dry.

What kind of outdoor projects are you taking on?

In family news, Baby Girl went to prom last weekend. I am a proud mama, but I think she looks stunning.

The Fam

Sweet Miss came home in the middle of the night Thursday. We had no idea what was going on when the dogs started barking past midnight. One of her friends was missing her family, so they road tripped home for Mother’s Day. I’m so glad they did. It’s always fun to have the four of us together.

I love this photo of the girls in BG’s prom party. While everyone looks off in the distance, I can see BG’s smiling profile and strong arms.

Prom Girls Hands Up


When the girls and their dates arrived at the restaurant, a regular patron was just saying how he’d always wanted to pay for someone’s prom, so he went ahead and bought dinner for the party of 10. It was a great way to start the evening.

Mother’s Day was low-key with Sweet Miss headed off to school after the family made lunch. I’m so thankful for my girls and the MR.

Mothers Day girls





3 thoughts on “Cleaning Up the Outdoors

  1. So here you are growing your vegetables, raising your girls, and keeping your home in tip-top shape, Every year we humans have angst with weeks. Weeds are naturally everywhere, and grow beautifully, and the reason we call them weeds is only because “we call them weeds and they are easily grown”. So every year we plant ‘foreign’ plants and actually call them ‘plants’. Why? Homes, vegetables, relationships need attention, basically because we our selves need attention, and food, I you enjoy what you do, do it. If you find angst in what you do, don’t do it. However, it is always possible to re-word your perspective on angst. End of my thoughts MeeMee

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