Bling Baby Revisited

My jewelry is taking over the closet.

Last year, you may remember, I made this jewelry organizer and thought all my problems were solved, but I have a lot of necklaces and bracelets, and I want them all to be neat and tidy. Instead they just wind up in a jumble.

Jewelry in the closet 2

So I decided it was time to take another look at the jewelry box I’d picked up at the thrift store ages ago. Sure it was ugly and a little smelly, but with a new coat of paint and new lining it would be perfect.

Short and Squat

It sounds so reasonable. I thought shiny silver spray paint would be oh so sleek–awful. OK, maybe the gray chalk paint I used on the hope chest would do the trick–much better.

That still left the lining. I had leftover silky green material that would match the jewelry organizer. After I ripped out the drawer linings, it was just a matter of making templates, cutting up cardboard and covering them with the fabric using spray adhesive. Note: if you want your drawers to close, make sure you make the templates a touch shorter than you think.

After the drawers, I was left with the drawer pulls. The old ones were U-G-L-Y. I bought new ones on Amazon that were way too big. I had some beads from an old necklace of my grandma’s. They were certainly cute and sparkly, but how was I going to attach them to the drawers? I bought the smallest nuts and bolts I could find at the hardware store–still way too big. Maybe I needed to go a different direction? In the end, I used hot glue and straight pins. If they wind up needing constant fixes, I’ll have to come up with a more permanent solution.

So the drawers were done, the outside was painted, that just left the inside area where necklaces hang. After recovering the drawers, I knew the lining wouldn’t come out in one piece. And I had a pretty good idea that the boxes and ring holders at the bottom would look less than professional if I tried to recover them. I had fabric dye and thought maybe dabbing that on would do the trick–awful.

Finally, Sweet Miss and I were shopping last week and I picked up some spray fabric paint. I’d used a similar product to spray my mother-in-law’s Chinese lanterns when we visited last winter (don’t worry she asked me to), and those had turned out nicely. With a little taping off and a little spritzing outside on a sunny day, I finally ended up with something I was happy with.

Navy dye up close

It still has its flaws–we’ll say they add personality–but it’s a whole lot better than where I started.

Jewelry Box

And now, I have a lot more room to keep my jewelry organized. Maybe that means I need more jewelry–are you listening MR?

Tidied Up 2

Yes, those are my shoes next to the jewelry box. Cocoa has chewed up way to many of my favorite pairs.


How do you keep your closets and jewelry organized? Any thrift store makeovers to share?

Check out Bling Baby to learn how to make your own jewelry organizer, or From Country to Chic to see how I updated my hope chest with a little chalk paint. If you’re into thrift stores, see some of our favorite finds at Getting Thrifty and Getting Thrifty–Part Two (notice how creative I can get with those titles.)





4 thoughts on “Bling Baby Revisited

  1. That turned out really nice pretty, plus functional, both good things. Hmm, I do have all decoupage furniture in the guest bedroom, that counts, And I did need a new really big lamp shade for our really big lamp we were married with 51 years ago, so I bought a galvanized wash tub and painted it with stuff that would make it look rusty and then added fringe around that bottom, that counts, We are thinking we need a chandelier over the 12′ dining room table…………..hmm, perhaps a galvanized horse trough will do the trick. Will let you know how that goes.

  2. Looks great! I have an oak jewelry box I received for Christmas that just about holds everything. I hate that it just sits on my dresser, just seems off spacially, but it works. No redo’s, although I desperately need to clean out my walk in. I start off really organized and then things end up getting shoved here or there…

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