Musical Pots

Are your plants happy?

Baby Girl is in FFA (Future Farmers of America) and last fall she competed in a landscaping competition with some of her fellow FFA’ers at the state fair. After day one, she returned with her group and surveyed their work.

“Your plants don’t look happy,” she told a friend, and he looked at her as if she was crazy.

Isn’t everyone striving for happy plants? They need the right soil, the right light, the right moisture, the right nutrients. And when your plants don’t get them, they just don’t look happy.

Now, we’ve had happy palms around here. Remember the one that bloomed for a month last spring? (Check it out here.) Well, it’s starting to do its thing again–it may not be pretty, but it’s definitely happy.

We’ve also had one very unhappy palm for quite awhile. It lives indoors, it enjoys a lovely view, it has all the best company, what’s the problem?  He’s not talking.

Scraggly PalmIt is what it is. Sometimes plants just die, but I’m not ready to give up on him yet. I figured it’s time to be a little more realistic with the pot size, since he’s shrinking instead of growing.

Remember those green pots that would be just perfect for my corn plants except they were a size or two too small? Well, I finally came up with a good use for one of them.

Maybe with a little worm castings, a pretty new pot in the proper size, and a little TLC, this guy can make a go of it. We’ll just have to wait and see.

New Pot

I think he looks happier already, or maybe I’ve just got his good side. That dracaena leaning against the wall is also on the list of plants that need to shape up or ship out.

While I had the potting soil out and was getting my hands dirty, I decided to round up all the flowers Baby Girl has been bringing home. Remember that FFA thing? Well, she’s the treasurer of the club and had to work at the plant sales this spring. So for all those hours of volunteering, she was given a plant each day. One fella didn’t know what he’d do with a flower, so he gave that one to her, too. Anyways, we’ve had five of them sitting next to the kitchen sink for way too long.

Now, they have a lovely new home. I was even able to use that other green pot that I shouldn’t have bought.

Two Pots

They have a lovely view, lots of heat, and lots of sun; I think they’ll be very happy here this summer.

And now, just in case you’re wondering how my garden is doing, let’s go ahead and take a look.

Garden ZoomIn the first bed, the beets and spinach and broccoli are going to town. We even enjoyed some baby spinach in our salad earlier this week.

In the second bed, the asparagus is holding its own, but the lettuce and carrots are painfully slow. I cheated and bought some lettuce starts from the local farm stand, and they look just fabulous. Maybe transplants are what I need to use to give my garden an edge over the slugs and bunnies. The second sowing of peas never did come up, and now it’s too late, but maybe next year.

My tomatoes are growing well in their Wall O Water homes, and the onions look great. This weekend might be a good time to plant the pole beans. I have visions of beans climbing the fencing–some day I know it will happen. I should probably mound some more dirt and weeds over the potatoes. They’re thriving outside the fence in the real world.

It’s probably time to start some squash and cucumbers, so they’re ready to be planted out in early June. I don’t know why I’m still typing. It looks like I have a lot of work to do.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Are you plants happy? What’s growing in your garden?






4 thoughts on “Musical Pots

  1. You are a very loving gardener. I picked my ripe tomato only to find it had split awhile back and then scared over. Why did it do that? It has been crazy weather here however, Lots of wind, we have the plants on a drip system, so it should have been getting water on a regular basis. Any idea would be helpful. That leave at least 12 more tomatoes on the vines. Do you pluck off the sucker,non producing stems? Seems like I used to way back when.. My basil went belly up again. Just wilted and died. Friends planted theirs in the ground and it is doing well. Wish I had eaten more of it before it died. Papa can’t just toss it, so he is babying it a little more.

    • I’m not sure from your description… Here’s a few options: if it truly split, then it’s probably watering or tomato moth. With your drip system, that doesn’t seem likely. You mentioned it had scarred over, and I’m not sure I quite understand. If it’s a papery brown scar, that’s sun scald which comes from exposure to bright sun. With your growing conditions, that seems a good possibility.

      Now as for pruning back suckers, it all depends on you. For larger fruit, pinch the suckers; for more fruit, let them be. How’s the airflow? Pinching back can help with space.

      I went to a tomato seminar a few weeks back. The fellow speaking said not to water your tomatoes at least 24 hours before harvesting to increase flavor. No one like watery tomatoes.

      Since we have near opposite growing conditions, I’m not sure if I’m really much help. Good luck with rest!

      • Yup, you did help. I talked to a ‘local’ and they said I watered and the sun hit it. We ate it and it was delicious. The other one was perfectly beautiful and tasty as well. Thank you!

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